Acura CMBS Warning Light: Enhancing Road Safety

The Acura CMBS Warning Light is an innovative feature designed to enhance safety on the road. This system is specifically engineered to detect potential collisions with either vehicles or pedestrians in the vehicle’s path. When such a risk is identified, the system takes proactive measures to alert the driver and, if necessary, intervene to reduce the impact.

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How Does It Work?

Acura CMBS Warning Light how does it work
Acura CMBS Warning Light how does it work

The Acura CMBS Warning Light is activated when it detects a potential collision. The system gets activated if the relative speed between the vehicle and an obstacle (another vehicle or a pedestrian) is approximately three mph (5 km/h) or more. Moreover, the system is also triggered if the vehicle’s speed is roughly 62 mph (100 km/h) or below and there’s a potential collision with an oncoming entity.

Alert Mechanisms in Place

The Acura CMBS Warning Light has multiple ways of alerting the driver. It has three distinct stages, each escalating in urgency:

  • Stage 1: The driver is alerted through a head-up warning, a beep, and a gentle vibration on the steering wheel.
  • Stage 2: This stage intensifies the alert with a head-up warning, a beep, a subtle seat belt pull, and a light application of the brakes.
  • Stage 3: In the most critical situations, the system gives a head-up warning, a louder beep, a forceful seat belt retraction, and a robust brake application.

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Customizing the System

The Acura CMBS Warning Light settings can be adjusted for those who want more control. By navigating through the vehicle’s interface dial:

  1. Click on SETTINGS.
  2. Navigate to Vehicle Settings.
  3. Choose Forward Collision Warning Distance.
  4. Options include Long, Normal, or Short distances.
  5. Once done, press BACK to leave the menu.

Switching the System

If a driver ever feels the need to turn the CMBS system off, it’s straightforward. Just press and hold the CMBS OFF button. A beep will sound, and a notification will appear in the MID. When the system is deactivated, the CMBS indicator will be displayed.

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A Word of Caution

While the Acura CMBS Warning Light is a fantastic tool for enhancing safety, it’s essential to remember it’s an aid, not a replacement for attentive driving. The system aims to lessen the impact of collisions that can’t be avoided. It doesn’t prevent them or bring the vehicle to a complete stop. The onus remains on the driver to manage the brakes and steering as per the situation.

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