Who Makes Ac Delco Oil Filters

Would you like to know who makes Ac Delco Oil Filters? Despite their reputation for excellent filter capacity, enhanced efficiency, consistent flow management, and high-durability design, one may question the AC Delco Oil Filters manufacturer. This curiosity is not uncommon among post-2009 GM vehicle owners who rely on these filters for exceptional filtering performance.

The answer will be revealed in today’s article to quell this uncertainty and provide valuable knowledge to our readers. The esteemed brand behind these top-performing oil filters is AC Delco itself. With a commitment to providing reliable and high-quality products for over 100 years, it is no surprise that AC Delco has become a trusted name in the automotive parts and accessories industry. Their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction sets them apart from competitors in the market.

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Who Makes The AC Delco Oil Filters: Details

Who Makes The AC Delco Oil Filters: Details
Who Makes The AC Delco Oil Filters: Details

The AC Delco line of parts is designed by General Motors specifically for use in their vehicles. A notable aspect of AC Delco oil filters is their commitment to sustainability, with many models utilizing recycled or recyclable materials. These filters are often equipped with features that simplify installation and removal.

Although commonly associated with GM, it is important to note that the company does not manufacture the AC Delco parts themselves. Instead, they work with suppliers who produce the amounts under the AC Delco name. Champ Labs, known as Fram, is one supplier responsible for creating several popular oil filter brands, including AC Delco, K & N, Mobile 1, and Royal Purple. A recent comparison showed that Fram currently manufactures the latest AC Delco oil filters on behalf of GM.

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Where Is The AC Delco Oil Filter Made?

Based on credible reports, AC Delco oil filters are manufactured in China. However, the factory or production site details have not been disclosed. As Champion Laboratories produces these filters, the company distributes its products through various channels in North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. While AC Delco labels its parts as “made in the USA,” it is important to note that they originate from China.

Are AC Delco Oil Filters Any Good?

Are AC Delco Oil Filters Any Good?
Are AC Delco Oil Filters Any Good?

The incredible filtering capabilities of AC Delco oil filters are unmatched, with a single-pass efficiency of 98% at 25-30 microns. Its unique patented cellulose media can trap particles as small as 1/3 the width of a human hair, ensuring engine components receive a clean oil supply.

Consistent and dependable filtration is achieved through thermosetting adhesive seals, which securely hold the filtering media in place. These filters have been designed with five times greater burst strength than most engine oil operating pressures, providing vehicle owners reassurance and peace of mind.

With its glass-filled nylon core and compact size, the AC Delco GM OE Oil Filters offer up to 12% more space than traditional filters while maintaining the same filtration area. This innovative design also can capture particles as small as 30 microns. Thanks to its strong polymer-based construction using parachute nylon with a tensile strength of up to 12,000 psi, these filters are built for durability and reliability.

AC Delco delivers on performance and quality for those looking for an OEM replacement filter. With no compromise on oil flow rate compared to dealership supplies, these filters allow the right amount of oil for optimal engine functioning. Trust in AC Delco’s expertise in keeping your vehicle running smoothly with its superior oil filters.

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About The Manufacturers

The collaboration of two prominent companies resulted in the production of these high-quality filters.

  • AC Delco by General Motors
  • Champion Laboratories, aka FRAM

In its early days, AC Delco served as the primary producer of filters under its corporate umbrella.

The renowned American automotive parts brand AC Delco has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s.

Originally known as United Motors Corporation under founder William Durant, it later evolved into United Motors Service and eventually became part of General Motors (GM). Under GM’s ownership, AC Delco offers factory and aftermarket parts for vehicles manufactured by GM and non-GM vehicles. With its expansion across North America, Africa, Japan, and India in the 2000s, AC Delco continues to provide high-quality maintenance, repair, powertrain, and collision components designed and tested to rigorous standards by General Motors.

Another notable subsidiary of UCI-FRAM AutoBrands LLC is Champion Laboratories Inc., formerly known as Kleen Pak Manufacturing Company, since its establishment in 1955. Headquartered in Albion, Illinois, with multiple locations worldwide, including China, Mexico, and England, the company remains an integral part of the industry with a long-standing reputation for excellence.

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What Are The Types Of AC Delco Oil Filters Available?

What Are The Types Of AC Delco Oil Filters Available?
What Are The Types Of AC Delco Oil Filters Available?

Up until this point, AC Delco has introduced two primary filter options.


AC Delco Gold parts are a superior option when seeking replacement auto parts, as they offer the same quality and reliability as original equipment (OE). Designed to fit into various General Motors vehicles seamlessly, these high-quality components exceed standards for form and function. Beyond GM models, AC Delco Gold parts can also be utilized in various other makes and models with special applications. Customers can rest assured that General Motors’ backing fully supports these premium replacements, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind.

AC Delco Gold (Professional) E Oil Filters

This innovative filter boasts a 6-12% size reduction while maintaining the same filtration media area as traditional filters. Its non-metallic cartridge is designed to be easily crushed, allowing efficient oil removal to be used as an energy source.

The lubricity gasket featured in this filter reduces installation torque compared to traditional cores. The synthetic end caps are also ultrasonically welded, preventing any media blockages caused by adhesives commonly found in other filters.

Formerly known as AC Delco Professional, the AC Delco Gold (Professional) E Oil Filters provide high-quality replacement options for many vehicles on today’s roads. Using thermal bonding techniques and non-metallic end caps, these filters ensure a tight seal and eliminate any wasted media that is rendered useless by adhesives.

Designed to meet the needs of demanding applications such as racing, off-road activities, and heavy-duty trucks, the AC Delco Gold (Specialty) Ultraguard Oil Filter offers superior protection. With an impressive 98% multi-pass efficiency at 25-30 microns and burst strength five times greater than normal engine oil operating pressures (as long as it does not exceed 51psi), this filter is the top choice for optimal performance.


The AC Delco Silver parts offer a premium and cost-effective solution for General Motors automobiles and various other brands, with the added assurance of full support from General Motors.

Where To Buy AC Delco Oil Filter?

The availability of ACDelco products is convenient for customers as the company operates under the ownership of GM. These high-quality and trusted products can be easily obtained through authorized dealers and seller’s shops. In addition, for those who prefer online shopping, ACDelco filters are readily accessible on popular e-commerce sites, including Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and AutoZone. Alternatively, customers may purchase their desired products directly from ACDelco’s official website.

What Are The Best Acdelco Oil Filters?

What Are The Best Acdelco Oil Filters?
What Are The Best Acdelco Oil Filters?

One can find the best oil filters for various GM vehicles through AC Delco. The top three sought-after products from this brand include:

ACDelco GM Original Equipment PF2232 Engine Oil Filter

Thanks to its high-quality cellulose media, the PF2232 boasts an impressive 98% multi-pass filtering efficiency. This ensures that your engine remains free of contaminants and maintains peak performance.

As a GM replacement, the PF2232 guarantees the same level of oil flow as from the factory. You can trust in its reliability and consistency for optimal engine function.

ACDelco PF63 Professional Engine Oil Filter

The AC Delco oil filter PF63E boasts ample capacity despite its compact size, thanks to its advanced filtration media. The flow is further enhanced for optimal performance with a ten-fold increase in the open core area. As part of their commitment to promoting environmental sustainability, AC Delco has incorporated a non-metallic cartridge into this filter design. This innovative feature allows the used filter to be repurposed as an energy source, aligning with the company’s eco-conscious values and initiatives.

ACDelco GM Original Equipment UPF48R Engine Oil Filter

This particular filter option is designed and manufactured with towing, hauling, and driving in extreme conditions in mind. Its strong construction allows it to withstand up to five times the force of a standard engine operating pressure.

Additionally, the thermosetting adhesive seal ensures that the filter remains securely in place for consistent performance regardless of environmental conditions. Those with flexibility in their budget may want to consider this highly capable filter option.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Acdelco Oil Filters?

What Are The Best Alternatives To Acdelco Oil Filters?
What Are The Best Alternatives To Acdelco Oil Filters?

One can select from various premium and highly regarded oil filter brands, such as Mobil 1, Wix, and K&N. Specific specifications must be met when making this decision. For those who own a GM vehicle, it is crucial to use the ACDelco filter as it is specifically designed for the GM lineup.

This ensures optimal performance and compatibility with their vehicle model.

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Last Words

Thanks to its durable core, the ACDelco filter safeguards engines against erosion and potential failure. ACDelco ensures strength and improved flow performance by incorporating glass-filled nylon into their filters. Unlike materials like canvas or silk, which are prone to ripping and tearing, nylon offers a far more resilient alternative.

Despite the superior quality of these filters, many consumers remain unaware of the company responsible for their production. This article will provide all pertinent information regarding the manufacturer behind ACDelco oil filters to shed light on this important question.

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