Who Makes Diehard Batteries

Diehard has been a leading name in the automotive industry for over half a century. Crafting exceptional vehicle batteries that promise maximum performance and longevity, it is no surprise why Diehard has gained such recognition.

Many customers, however, remain curious about who makes these quality batteries and where exactly they are made. Exploring those questions further, this article offers an insight into the renowned battery brand and other facts to guide current and potential customers.

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Who Makes Diehard Batteries?

Since 2019, a major North American vehicle battery manufacturer has been producing all Diehard batteries. After selling their battery business, Clarios LLC assumed responsibility for producing Diehard batteries. Before this, some of these products had also been manufactured by Exide. With Exide being accused of conspiracy in 2001, Johnson Controls was left as the sole source for Diehard battery production.

Where Are Diehard Batteries Made?

Where Are Diehard Batteries Made
Where Are Diehard Batteries Made

Diehard batteries have seen a change in manufacturers, as Clarios LLC has taken over the production from Johnson Controls. While it is still unclear where Diehard batteries are now being manufactured, Johnson Controls had previously held facilities worldwide, including Australia, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, and China. Of these locations, their USA-based plant in Wisconsin was reportedly used for most of the assembly and manufacture of Diehard batteries.

Are Diehard Batteries Any Good?

Due to their quality and affordability, diehard batteries have received positive consumer feedback. The stamped grid technology used in constructing Diehard batteries ensures they are corrosion-resistant and more durable than many other brands. Furthermore, Diehard offers an impressive three-year warranty on all its products, which is evidence of its commitment to delivering reliable products at competitive prices. With such features, it’s no surprise that many people use these cost-effective solutions for reliable automotive power sources.

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In conclusion, Diehard batteries offer users great value for money and long-term reliability compared with other car battery brands. With customer service being a priority at this company, it is clear why so many people choose them as their go-to choice when searching for high-quality yet affordable automobile battery solutions.

Manufacturer Of Diehard Batteries

Diehard’s battery production is managed through three separate manufacturers: Johnson Controls, Clarios LLC, and Exide. Each of these companies specializes in the design and manufacture of various types of batteries. Johnson Controls provides primary lithium-ion batteries as well as advanced lead-acid solutions; Clarios specializes in delivering advanced sealed lead acid, absorbed glass mat (AGM), gel cell, and valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery technology; while Exide brings expertise to bear on automotive, commercial/industrial applications with a combination of group sized flooded cells and VRLA products. Together, they provide Diehard customers with reliable power sources for their needs.

  • JOHNSON CONTROLS: has been the sole producer of Diehard batteries since its establishment. With its headquarters in Cork, Ireland, and an American-Irish domicile, the company is a renowned multinational conglomerate committed to providing top-notch products for many years. In 2019, Johnson Controls was responsible for all production of Diehard batteries.

Founded in 1885 by Warren S. Johnson and Milwaukee investors, Johnson Electronic Service Company initiated its operations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After a decade-long operation as Johnson Controls Inc., the company shifted its focus to manufacturing vehicle batteries from 1978 onwards. Apart from vehicle battery production, the firm was also actively producing HVAC equipment, fire protection apparatuses, and other security instruments. In 2016, it merged with Tyco International to form Johnson Controls International Plc, which had an extensive presence on six continents through more than 2,000 locations for worldwide production and distribution purposes. In 2019, however, it aborted its automotive battery business, choosing instead to sell its Power Solutions division to Brookfield Business Partners.

  • CLARIOS, LLC: Brookfield acquired the entire Power Solutions division of Johnson Controls, leading to the launch of Clarios. This company is carrying on the legacy Johnson Controls started, having partnered with 16 companies for R&D purposes and launching six research and development centers. Their presence is now felt in over 140 countries worldwide, with 50 production facilities providing advanced energy storage solutions.
  • EXIDE TECHNOLOGY: Exide Technology is a well-established storage battery manufacturing company founded in 1888 by W.W. Gibbs as Electric Storage Battery Company. It has its headquarters located in Milton, GA, and provides reliable solutions to customers all over the world with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

In March 2001, a business partnership between Diehard and Exide Technologies ended. Reports suggest that this parting was due to a fraud conspiracy involving Sears employees being bribed by Exide to sell used Diehard batteries as new. The two parties severed their ties to avoid further issues or potential defamation.

What Are The Types Of Diehard Batteries Available?

Diehard offers vehicle batteries across four categories, each offering a distinct selection of products.

DieHard AUTOMOBILE Batteries

Diehard provides five separate batteries for customers to choose from in this category.

  • DieHard Platinum AGM (available with a 3-year free replacement warranty)
  • DieHard Platinum (available with a 4-year free replacement warranty)
  • DieHard Gold (available with a 3-year free replacement warranty)
  • DieHard Silver (available with a 2-year free replacement warranty)
  • DieHard Red (available with a 1-year free replacement warranty)


Diehard provides an extensive selection of batteries for vehicles and marine equipment used in power sports, racing cars, motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Boats, and Marine Drives.

DieHard SMALL ENGINE Batteries

Diehard provides a wide selection of batteries for Golf Carts, Lawn and garden vehicles, and equipment within the small engines category.


Diehard provides a broad selection of specialized batteries for farm and commercial vehicles, including fleets, tractors, and trucks.

Where To Buy Diehard Batteries?

Where To Buy Diehard Batteries
Where To Buy Diehard Batteries

Diehard batteries are widely accessible and available in both online and physical stores. Advanced Auto Part is the official retailer of Diehard products, while other platforms, such as Amazon, also offer them for purchase. Walmart does not sell batteries directly from Diehard but carries various related parts and accessories under its brand name.

What Are The Best Diehard Batteries?

Diehard’s batteries are highly rated and widely popular, making them worthy of consideration.

  • DieHard 38232 Advanced Gold AGM Battery
  • DieHard 38188 Advanced Gold AGM Battery
  • DieHard 38275 Advanced Gold AGM Battery
  • DieHard 38228 Advanced Gold AGM Battery
  • DieHard 38217 Group 49 Battery

Though individual opinions may differ, diehard batteries have been rated highly and remain popular among consumers.

What Are The Best Alternatives of Diehard Batteries?

When it comes to finding an alternative to DieHard batteries, the options are plentiful. Optima, Bosch, NAPA Car Battery, and AC Delco battery brands have all proven themselves reliable options for those seeking a dependable replacement. It is important to note that the optimal choice will vary depending on individual needs, budget, and preferences.

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Last Words

DieHard has been a renowned name in the battery market for over half a century, providing customers with reliable products. Despite its well-known reputation, many individuals still inquire about who manufactures DieHard batteries or where they are made. This article is designed to provide those seeking answers with informative information regarding the brand’s manufacturing origin and production processes.

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