Who Makes Duracell Car Batteries

Duracell’s car batteries, widely used on small cars to trucks, offer innovative and reliable power solutions that last. Developed by a scientist and businessman under Berkshire Hathaway – a multinational corporation headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska – Duracell car batteries are the proud result of one visionary’s hard work and dedication.

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Who Makes Duracell Car Batteries?

East Penn Manufacturing Company has long been the partner of Duracell, providing them with high-quality batteries. Samuel Ruben and Philip Rogers Mallory laid the foundation for this relationship in the 1920s when they began making alkaline manganese batteries and mercury cells. This eventually evolved into the well-known Duracell brand as we know it today, although initially, its name was ‘Durable Cell.’ Finally, in 2009 a joint venture between EastPenn and Duracell saw a significant development in their partnership concerning car battery production.

Where Are Duracell Car Batteries Made?

Where Are Duracell Car Batteries Made
Where Are Duracell Car Batteries Made

East Penn Manufacturing Company has been producing high-quality Duracell batteries since 2009, following an exclusive agreement with the Duracell company. The firm operates two manufacturing complexes – a 520-acre site in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and another in Corydon, Iowa. Both facilities have advanced robotics and sophisticated machines to meet world-class production standards. East Penn’s battery plant can produce 30,000 batteries per day.

Are Duracell Car Batteries Any Good?

Duracell car batteries are renowned for their reliability and durability. Depending on the model, they come with a 2-5 years warranty. For many options, customers can choose from Starter, Advanced, Extreme EFB, and Extreme AGM battery types.

These powerful batteries provide great amps that suit luxury and ordinary vehicles. On top of that, they last up to a year when fully charged at optimal temperature (20°C). This makes Duracell car batteries a user favorite all over the world.

About The Manufacturer

Established in 1946, East Penn Manufacturing Company has grown from a single-roomed company in Bowers, Pennsylvania, to a global leader. With over 10,500 employees and 515 product designs, the firm provides quality products that have earned them multiple awards and accolades.

Under the leadership of President and CEO Chris Pruitt and owner Kurt H., the company is focused on sustainability initiatives to ensure its products are manufactured with minimal environmental impact. East Penn remains committed to its original values of providing high-quality batteries while embracing new technology advancements for future success.

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What Are The Types Of Duracell Car Batteries Available?

What Are The Types Of Duracell Car Batteries Available
What Are The Types Of Duracell Car Batteries Available

Duracell provides four types of car batteries. These include the standard, spiral cell, premium, and power frame varieties.

1. Starter:

Duracell offers 12 starter battery types, categorized based on their ‘Fits.’ The available models include DS 44, DS 45, DS 45H, DS 45L, DS 55, DS 60, DS 62, DS 70, DS 72, DS 72L, DS 88, and the latest addition – the high-performance model – the DS 95.

2. Advanced:

The most advanced models are available in 24 varieties.

3. Extreme EFB:

Each vehicle fit supports a different Extreme EFB engine type, with eight options available. These include DE 38 EFB ASIA, DE 55 EFB ASIA, DE 65 EFB ASIA, DE 65H EFB ASIA, DE 70 EFB ASIA, DE 75 EFB ASIA, DE 75H EFB ASIA, and the most prominent option of all – the powerful DE 85H EFbASia engine.

4. Extreme AGM:

Extreme AGM engines are available in 6 distinct varieties, each designed to fit a particular vehicle. The lineup consists of DE 104 AGM, DE 50 AGM, DE 60 AGM, DE 70 AGM, DE 80 AGM, and the highest-powered option, DE 92 AGM.

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Where To Buy Duracell Car Batteries?

Finding the correct battery doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Buying batteries can be done quickly online, through battery shops, or even junkyards if you want a good deal. However, it is essential to ensure that any second-hand batteries purchased are in optimal condition before buying.

What Are The Best Duracell Car Batteries?

Duracell batteries are available in four different types, each differing in performance. The group size of a battery designates the physical dimensions, terminal locations, and style required for a vehicle. Car owners have rated Duracell’s Group Size 121R, 124R, 24F 25., 26R, 27F 34 35 36 as some of the best batteries available.

What Are The Alternatives Of Duracell Car Batteries?

Car batteries are an essential factor in vehicle performance, and for this reason, many people take the time to research which battery is best suited for their needs. With numerous brands on the market today, it can be challenging to narrow down the selection. However, by researching options such as ACDelco or Duracell car batteries and other brands like Optima and Odyssey, one can choose a suitable battery that meets their specific requirements. In 2021 alone, Optima batteries have become increasingly popular amongst car owners and truckers.

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Duracell car batteries are renowned for their superior quality, courtesy of East Penn and Mallory firms. A wide range of options allows customers to select the most suitable battery for their vehicle. Additionally, Duracell’s commitment to environment-friendly practices deserves commendation.

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