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A record is kept of the pages accessed on our site These records are used to improve your circulation within the area. We aim to provide you with a better user experience in the transitions you make between pages.

You can have more information by browsing our cookie policy and usage agreement pages if you wish. You can connect from the contact page to get in touch with us.

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  • Our contact information The content and registration process of the information generated during your visit to our site:

Our system automatically records the time that you visit, the date and the pages you visited, etc., to be used in reshaping and configuration processes in line with your needs and interests. This information is generally transmitted to us by your internet browser. This information can not be used in identity finding.

The full list of information automatically collected and recorded during your visit: does not use cookies other than those used to support security and accuracy principles.

E-Mail and Online Forms Various services are provided on our site through various e-mail addresses and forms. Some information is requested from you depending on the type of service. The information obtained will not be used in any way other than to benefit from the services you have requested and will be kept confidential.


Necessary measures have been taken with care and attention to ensure the security of the content presented and the information provided. Technological developments in security are followed, and necessary arrangements are made.

Changes to the Privacy Policy Web Editorial Board may make changes to the Privacy Policy if necessary. Changes made are announced in the Privacy Policy section of The Privacy Policy is not a contract.