Ford Dashboard Warning Lights, Symbols and Meanings
Ford Dashboard Warning Lights, Symbols and Meanings

Ford dashboard warning lights are a helpful resource for getting to know your vehicle better. As, you will be able to get to know your car better in this system that we have developed for all brands of Ford vehicles. You can learn how to act against any problem you encounter. For your Ford brand vehicle, you can find other models by using the search button on the site.

Ford is a Michigan-based automobile brand. Located in the United States, Ford was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. The company produces both commercial and individual cars. Today, there are many drivers using the Ford brand. It is one of the leading companies in America, especially with its commercial activities and exports to foreign countries. We are here to tell you about Ford dashboard warning lights for all brands of Ford vehicles and to solve the problems you encounter. You may see different warning lights depending on the model and type of your car. You should pay attention to a few details that will help you understand if there is a serious problem.

Ford Dashboard Warning Lights and Color Identification

Colors are important for Ford dashboard warning lights. The color of the warning indicates how serious the problem is. Sorting is examined under 5 color groups.

  • Blue and Green: Indicates non-serious problems. In some cases, problems need to be solved immediately, but in other cases, it refers to problems that can be solved later. It is necessary to give an example; your dipped headlights not working can be considered a minor problem during the daytime. However, not having your headlights on at night is a serious problem.
  • Orange and Yellow: Indicates more serious warnings. It is not recommended to continue driving on most orange and yellow signs. According to your notice, a detailed explanation will be placed on the vehicle page.
  • Red: Indicates a very serious problem. It is not recommended to continue driving with your vehicle on the red dashboard warning lights. The problem should be fixed soon. If possible, you should seek support from a trained mechanic or technical service.

For any problem you have with your Ford brand vehicles, find the model of your car on this page and go to the relevant page. If there is any problem that you cannot solve, you can leave a comment under the topic. We and our other users will be happy to assist you.

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