Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16

Carlini Design makes it possible for individuals to have style and comfort in one package. The company offers a wide range of handlebars, from Flying Ape to Gangster hangers, that combine high-end versatility with superior quality and advanced technology. Two of their most popular models are the Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16-inch hangers. Both feature an ergonomic design that ensures comfortable riding while still providing an eye-catching look.

When considering these two options, there is much to be taken into account, such as weight capacity and installation difficulty: the 14-inch apes weigh less than the 16-inch ones but may require more laborious installation; on the other hand, heavier 16-inch apes might take longer time when mounting them onto your motorcycle. Furthermore, they also differ in terms of appearance since they come with different lever heights – all this should be considered before making a selection so you can choose one that is right for you according to your particular needs and preferences.

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: Quick Comparison

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16
Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16

One may wonder about the comfort of Ape Hanger Handlebars when considering installing them on their motorcycle. Finding the right size for a comfortable fit is important, so some tips can help make this decision easier. When considering Ape Hangers, it is beneficial to consider all available information to select the best type and size for one's needs.

Carlini Gangster apes 14 inches Carlini Gangster apes 16 inches
Size: 1.25β€³, 1.50β€³ 1.25β€³, 1.50β€³
Width: 41 inches/36.5 inches 41 inches/36.5 inches
Center width: 11.75 inches 11.75 inches
Thickness: 1.50 inches/1.25 inches. 1.50 inches/1.25 inches
Pullback: 7 inches 7 inches
Weight: 7 lbs 8 lbs
Dimensions: 39 Γ— 14 Γ— 8 in 36 Γ— 8 Γ— 17 in
Finish: Black, Chrome Chrome, Black
Step Option: Stepped, Non-Stepped Stepped, Non-Stepped
Throttle: Cable Throttle, Throttle By Wire Cable Throttle, Throttle By Wire

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: In-Depth Comparison

Riding for long periods of time requires comfort and practicality. Ape Hanger's height can contribute to the look of a bike, but other factors must be considered when considering whether these handlebars are suitable for everyday use. Comfort, riding style, and overall appearance should all be considered before making a decision.

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: Specifications

  • Carlini Gangster Apes 14 = 1.25β€³:
  • Thickness: 1.25 inches
  • Width: 36.5β€³/ Stepped Width: 38.5β€³.
  • Pullback (depth): 7 inches.
  • Rise (height): 14 inches.
  • Sections of the grip taper down to 1-inch diameter to fit 1-inch grips.
  • Wires pre-drilled for internal connections.

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 = 1.50β€³:

  • Thickness: 1.50 inches.
  • Width: 41 inches.
  • Pullback (depth): 7 inches.
  • Rise (height): 14 inches.
  • Center Width: 11.75 inches (the distance between the bends)
  • Each grip section tapers to 1β€²β€² diameter to fit 1β€²β€² hand controls and grips.
  • Wiring through the bars is pre-drilled.
  • Electrified throttle control is available on the handlebars.

Carlini 16β€³ Gangster Ape Specs:

  • Thickness: 1.25β€³ or 1.50β€³ option
  • Width: 36.5β€³/ Stepped Width: 38.5β€³
  • Pullback (depth): 7 inches.
  • Rise (height): 16 inches.
  • Center width: 11.5 inches.
  • To use with 1Γ—1 inch hand controls and grips, grip sections taper off to 1Γ—1 inch diameter.


Carlini's 14-inch Gangster Ape in 1.25-inch is offered in two different versions, with or without a step down of 1 inch. The stepped version has an overall width of 5-1/8 inches and is suitable for most Harley Davidson risers. For bikes requiring a non-stepped option, the riser size should be at least 1.25 inches. Unfortunately, no stepped options are available for bars with a size of 1.50 inches.

When purchasing Carlini 16β€²β€² Gangster Apes, individuals can choose from several different configurations that best fit their bike's needs and style preferences. The throttle-by-wire option offers ease of use, while the standard mounting surface comes with a one-inch step down (5-1/8 inches wide). Individuals who require additional support may opt to use the non-stepped option, which requires at least 1.25 risers, depending on the seat type used in the installation.

Flying Apes Or Gangster

Their preference matters most when it comes to deciding between flying apes and the Gangster. Both models have their own merits, so determining the best choice depends on individual needs. For instance, if someone is larger, they might find that the narrower version of either offers more comfort. Ultimately, it is up to them to identify which model would give them a fulfilling experience based on their requirements.

The Ultimate Goal Is Comfort

One's choice between 14" or 16" handlebars does not necessarily make a difference in terms of comfort. While the design and style of ape hangers are desirable, they should not be selected at the expense of rider comfort. It is important to take into account one's height and size when selecting handlebars so that both style and comfort can be achieved simultaneously.

Consider The Thickness Carefully

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16 are both of high quality and provide options for individuals to pick the right thickness based on their needs. For those who are larger in stature, the 1.50 edition is recommended due to its added 0.25-inch thickness, making it easier to hold in one hand. Meanwhile, those standing between 5.8 and 6 feet tall should be satisfied with the thinner 1.25-inch model.

Height Selection

Carlini Gangster Apes encourages riders to measure themselves before purchasing a new set of bars, so they know the right height for them. When deciding on handlebar height, it is essential to consider the dimensions of the "riders triangle". This consists of three points - seat, handlebar grips, and footpegs. It can be helpful to sit on the bike with eyes closed in order to determine an ideal set-up for a comfortable riding experience.

14” Vs. 16”: What Should You Know Before Buying Ape Handlebars?

  • Its user must select the suitable type from the meaty, traditional, wider, cornered, and narrower options to enjoy a captivating experience.
  • The correct height and weight must be determined for the optimal comfortability of the rider.
  • Verification of whether or not the bike has ABS is necessary.
  • Distinguishing between dual-disc bikes and single-disc bikes should be conducted as well.
  • Researching one’s bike type is essential; some models have hydraulics, while others may feature clutches instead.

Price Range

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 and 16 both offer the same quality, with some features excluded. They are also both priced at around $400, making them cost-effective options for those looking to stay cool without breaking the bank. There is no need to worry about which is more expensive - they are both available at the same price.

Carlini Gangster Apes 14 Vs. 16: Which One To Choose?

Many people are willing to sacrifice their comfort zone in order to achieve a sense of style. The 14 and 16-inch Gangster Apes offer a crisp, elegant look that can help add some flair to Harleys, Road Kings, or other motorbike models. Not only do these hangers give off an aggressive and powerful appearance; they come in two different finishes, so you can select one that suits the color scheme of your motorcycle. While the black finish may be more attractive for some riders than chrome, it is important to consider all aspects when making a decision on which handlebar will best complement your bike's overall look.

Final Note

The Carlini Gangster 14 inches is a popular choice when it comes to selecting the correct rise distance; however, the 16 inches version can also be used. Determining which size will best perform a particular application can be challenging.

  1. Possesses the 14-inch Carlini Gangster Ape for those around 5.8 feet to 6 feet in height.
  2. Offers a 16-inch version of the Carlini Gangster Ape for people over six feet tall.
  3. Believes experts advocate utilizing the 14-inch model if one is around 5’ 8” - 6’ tall and the 16-inch model if taller than six feet in height.
  4. Recommends considering style as well as comfort when selecting between either of these popular items from the Carlini Gangsters Apes collection

Have a good drive.

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