Malfunction Indicator Honda Dashboard Warning Lights Symbols

You may encounter malfunctions in Honda vehicles at certain times. Today we will discuss a few important details about malfunction indicator Honda dashboard warning lights symbols. You will learn the common warning signs and symbols in Honda vehicles. You can find the necessary instructions in this article to reach the whole list.

The fault indicator in Honda vehicles is examined under two groups. We can define them as dangerous malfunctions in the first group and solvable malfunctions in the second group. You should pay more attention to the malfunctions in the first group.

Honda Fault Indicator Warning Lights: First Group

Important Honda malfunction indicators can potentially cost you more than other malfunctions. For this reason, the longer you postpone such malfunctions, the greater the financial losses you may experience. Since the malfunctions are serious, it is extremely dangerous to continue driving this way.

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Honda Brake Warning Light

Honda Brake Malfunction Warning Light

Brake malfunction varies by state. Suppose your parking brake is off, and the BRAKE fault is illuminated. In that case, the problem is probably related to the available braking system. This is a dangerous malfunction. There is a possibility that your brakes may fail. Therefore, it should be checked and repaired by an authorized service as soon as possible.

Honda Engine Oil Pressure Light

Honda Low Oil Pressure Malfunction Warning Light

The warning sign indicating that the vehicle has low oil pressure is the oil pressure sign. Check the oil level by opening the hood. If it is below the required level, you can add oil. However, you should know which oil to put in. If the correct oil is not used, you will cause more serious problems. If you have not done this before, we recommend getting support from an experienced mechanic without intervening.

Honda Battery Charge Warning Light

Honda Battery/Charging Malfunction Warning Light

Much vehicle electronic equipment is controlled by the battery/charging unit. If you see this type of malfunction, you should immediately disable all equipment in the vehicle that consumes electricity. Some equipment in the car will not work because the engine is not charging the battery. It is not recommended to continue driving this way, and you should seek assistance from a trained mechanic.

Honda Malfunction Indicator Warning Lights: Group Two

The second group of Honda fault indicators refers to faults with a low severity level. In this type of malfunction, the problems may not be obvious. Since the extent of the malfunction is unknown, it is possible to continue driving for a while compared to the first group of malfunctions.

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Honda Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

Honda General Engine Failure Warning Light

This type of malfunction is not known exactly what the problem is. You can understand that there is a malfunction in the engine compartment. Still, it needs to be checked in a computer environment to find out what the malfunction is caused by. If there is no mechanic with this opportunity, you can ask the authorized service to fix the malfunction.

Honda ABS Warning Light

Honda ABS Malfunction Warning Light

An ABS malfunction prevents the vehicle from stopping in a controlled manner. In case of ABS malfunctions, the car can be driven for a while longer, but it is dangerous. The vehicle will not always have the precise braking system you are used to. You should be careful and not speed until you get to the nearest mechanic.

Honda ESC Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

Honda Electronic Stability Control Malfunction Warning Light

The Electronic Stability Control System (ESC) keeps vehicles on the road during turns and cornering. If this system fails, safe driving should not be expected. This way, the car can be driven for a while, but it is dangerous. Vehicles with ESC malfunction are more difficult to control than usual. You should be careful and get support from an experienced mechanic who can fix the ESC malfunction.

Honda Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) Warning Light

Honda Low Tire Pressure Malfunction Warning Light

Low tire pressure in Honda vehicles is another malfunction that prevents controlled driving. You can solve this malfunction without the need for a mechanic. First of all, learn the level of tire pressure from the manufacturer. Check all your tires and adjust them to the values given by the manufacturer. When there is no pressure loss in your tires, the tire pressure warning sign will go out. You will be asked to save the new tire pressure settings via multimedia in some vehicles. If it does not go out after this procedure, contact the manufacturer.

We have explained the malfunction indicator honda dashboard warning lights symbols in detail with the examination. For other malfunctions not listed, we recommend you visit the Honda dashboard warning lights page. You can also use the search box on the site for all types of malfunctions that are not on this page. We will always continue to provide you with detailed resources to detect faults and see how to fix them.

What do Honda dashboard lights mean?

Blue or green lights indicate that your car’s systems are on, such as cruise control. Red or amber lights will tell you there may be a problem with the vehicle.

How do I check my Honda system message?

In case of an emergency, the Honda i-LIGHT will come on with a beep and display red message indicating that there is a problem. On your windshield, you can see any messages of the driver information interface that have popped up while the light is on. The best way to receive all messages is by pressing the small button on the right side of your windshield.

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  1. Honda tends to use a LED display to alert its users of system messages. On the top left hand corner of the instrument cluster, there is generally a small icon that represents a light bulb. If this light bulb is lit, it means that there is an important message coming from Honda’s system.


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