Who Makes Mobil 1 Oil Filters

Mobil 1 oil filters are renowned for providing superior protection against unwanted dirt and corrosion. Manufactured by ExxonMobil, one of the world’s leading oil companies, Mobil 1 oil filters are manufactured from high-performance materials that ensure maximum engine protection and performance. With an array of features designed to increase the longevity of your vehicle’s engine, Mobil 1 oil filters provide a reliable solution for keeping your car running at its best.

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Who Makes Mobil 1 Oil Filters?

Mobil 1 is a globally renowned brand that has pioneered synthetic motor or automotive oils and remains one of the most trusted engine oil brands. Champion Laboratories Inc is vital to Mobil 1’s success by supplying high-quality oil filters for their products using only the best raw and production materials.

Where Are Mobil 1 Oil Filters Made?

The Mobil 1 oil filter has been a subject of speculation and debate for many consumers, with some claiming that the product is manufactured in China. However, others insist that their filter labels show them as being made in the USA.

Reliable sources have indicated that Champion Laboratories Inc. supplies and distributes Mobil 1 filters to multiple countries or states outside the USA, yet primary production occurs within the US borders. Recently though, due to post-Covid industry conditions, Mobil 1 representatives have revealed that some new products are now being made in South Korea.

Are Mobil 1 Oil Filters Any Good?

Are Mobil 1 Oil Filters Any Good
Are Mobil 1 Oil Filters Any Good

Mobil 1 oil filters are popular among vehicle owners due to their superior materials and construction. The synthetic fiber blend media of the filter ensures the removal of much more dirt and grime than other conventional filters while also avoiding clogging easily like other local auto motor oils.

This long-lasting performance is also seen in Mobil 1 extended-performance oil filters, which can last up to one year under usual driving conditions. This provides an engine with a longer shelf life and is also available at an affordable price that varies depending on the auto shop and vehicle type.

About The Manufacturer

Champion Laboratories, Inc. is a leading original manufacturing company of Mobil 1 oil filters. Founded in 1955 as Kleen Pak Manufacturing Company in the United States, Champion Laboratories has grown to be one of the largest private label suppliers with more than thirty private label heavy-duty and auto motor filter lines. It was owned by Andy Granatelli and STP Corporation since 1970 and patented the engine-end relief valve in 1959 for spin-on oil filters.

The company operates several distribution stations located at Albion (Illinois), Shelby Township (Michigan), Toronto (Canada), and San Jose (Costa Rica). It manufactures high-quality filtration solutions for vehicles such as air filters, gas turbines, lightweight equipment, heavy-duty equipment, and oil and fuel dispensing products. Its renowned products include K&N Filters’ KN303 and K&N HP1017 oil filters made exclusively by Champion Laboratories.

Champion Laboratories continues to provide superior quality automotive parts that meet stringent standards set forth by major vehicle manufacturers worldwide while delivering top-notch customer service that ensures customers receive precisely what they need when they need it most. The company remains committed to developing innovative technologies that will improve performance without sacrificing reliability or safety on the roads today and into future generations of automobiles.

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What Are The Types Of Mobil 1 Oil Filters Available?

Mobil 1 has developed an extended line of oil filters to serve the various needs of vehicle owners. With quality and sustainability as fundamental principles, each type of filter is designed to represent Mobil 1’s commitment to excellence.

This article will offer a brief overview of some topics that could be discussed more deeply.

Mobil 1™ M1-101A Oil Filters

This Mobil 1 oil filter category primarily applies to Isuzu from 1989-94 and 1996-03, as well as GM products from 1975-14.

Mobil 1™ M1-102A Oil Filters

This oil filter is a suitable replacement for Toyota (1987-2019), Chrysler, Mazda (2011-15), Ford 4 cyl. (2003-2019) and Dodge (1995-11).

Mobil 1™ M1-103A Oil Filters

This category is designed to be compatible with vehicles such as the Chevrolet Prizm (1989-05), Scion (2004-14), and Suzuki (1996-13).

Mobil 1™ M1-104A Oil Filters

Compatibility and performance of these oil filters have been tested for Hyundai (1986-19), Honda (1983-09), Mazda (1972-91), Kia (2000-19), Subaru (1992-2017), and Isuzu (1984-04) models, with exemplary results.

Mobil 1™ M1-107A Oil Filters

This category is ideally suited for the engine of GM products (1996-12), Jeep (1983-86), and American Motors vehicles.

Mobil 1™ M1-108A Oil Filters

This oil filter is designed to be compatible with Honda and Acura models from 2001-17, Mazda models from 1983-02 and 09-11, Mitsubishi models from 1992-18, and Nissan and Infiniti models from 1995-17.

Mobil 1™ M1-110A Oil Filters

These filters have been primarily utilized for models of Infiniti, Hyundai, Nissan (1995-16), Kia (1994-10), Mazda (1990-08, 2011-16), and Subaru (2004-15).

Mobil 1™ M1-111A Oil Filters

This application suits 8.1L Engines (1999-09), GMC V8 7.4L, and Chevrolet models.

Mobil 1™ M1-113A Oil Filters

This product suits GM 1.4L, 1.5L & 2.0L (2016-19) and GM 12674698,12667194 models.

Mobil 1™ M1-201A Oil Filters

Products from Isuzu (1997-99) (GM 25012760) and GM Products (1980-05) are particularly well suited to these filters, which provide excellent results.

Mobil 1™ M1C-351A Oil Filters

Engineered to meet the needs of Ford Edge, Ford F150 2.7L (2015-20), Fusion, Lincoln Aviator 3.0L (2020), Mustang 2.7L (2015-19), Continental 2.7L, 3.0L (2017-19), MKX, MKZ 2.7L, 3.0L (2016-18) and Nautilus 2.7L (2019-20) owners, these filters provide superior filtration for long-lasting engine performance and protection from harmful contaminants in the oil system.

Mobil 1™ M1-651A Oil Filters

This product is compatible with Ford 6.0L and 6.4L Turbo Diesel engines made between 2003-10.

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Where To Buy Mobil 1 Oil Filters?

Mobil 1 oil filters are highly accessible, as they can be purchased from many physical and online auto parts stores. These oil filters are available on various popular sites such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and the Motor 1 brand’s official website.

What Are The Best Mobil 1 Oil Filters?

What Are The Best Mobil 1 Oil Filters
What Are The Best Mobil 1 Oil Filters

The Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter range is renowned for its quality assurance and high demand. This has resulted in a selection of filters, which includes the M1-108A, M1-104a, M1-103A, and M1-110 models.

What Are The Best Alternative For Mobil 1 Oil Filters?

Regarding oil filters, Mobil 1 is not the only leading brand available. Other excellent alternatives include Royal Purple Extended Life Oil Filter, Purolator PurolatorOne Premium Oil Filter, AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter, Bosch Premium FILTECH Oil Filter, and WIX Spin-On Lube Filter. Each offers superior performance and reliability when used following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Final Words

Mobil 1 extended-performance oil filters are highly recommended and rated among automotive users, and their origin has caused some confusion. It is important to note that Mobil 1 manufactures these lauded oil filters, clearing up any misconception about who makes Mobil 1 oil filters and where they are produced.

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