275 70r17 Vs. 285 70r17

When it comes to tire size, understanding the numbers is essential. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners do not know enough about reading tire size indexes. This can make switching tires from one size to another complex and confusing.

The first thing you should know about tire sizes is that numbers or combinations of numbers represent them in most cases. These figures denote certain features associated with the particular tires, such as their width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter. By looking at these digits, you can determine whether a given tire will be compatible with your car.

This article will look into the difference between 275 70R17 Vs. 285 70R17 so you can understand how these two sizes compare without deciphering complicated codes each time. With this information, you should be able to choose your vehicle's correct set of tires quickly and easily.

What Size Tire Is A 275 70R17?

What Size Tire Is A 275 70R17
What Size Tire Is A 275 70R17

This tire size of 275 70R17 is characterized by its width of 275 millimeters (10.83 inches) and a sidewall height of 192.5 millimeters (7.58 inches). This specific design makes it compatible with 17-inch wheel rims, enabling one to decide whether or not this particular tire is suited for their vehicle's specifications.

What Size Tire Is A 285 70R17?

What Size Tire Is A 285 70R17
What Size Tire Is A 285 70R17

This tire size is 285 millimeters in width and 199.5 millimeters in sidewall height, which translates to 11.22 inches and 7.85 inches, respectively. It has been designed for compatibility with 17-inch wheel rims.

Find Out How 275 70R17 Vs. 285 70R17 Differ Considering 4 Aspects

Understanding the tire size index ensures optimal driving performance and safety. This index provides four key factors to determine a tire's exact size: width, aspect ratio, construction type, and rim diameter. With this information, drivers can confidently choose tires that will best suit their vehicle's needs.

This particular tire size index is fragmented into four individual pieces of information;

  • 275 stands for – Tire Width in Millimeters
  • 70 stands for – The Aspect Ratio of Height/Width
  • R stands for – Construction Type
  • 17 stands for – Rim Diameter in Inches

Examining these factors will better understand the tire sizes of 275 70R17 Vs. 285 70R17.


The size of a tire is indicated by its Tire Size Index. This index consists of three numbers representing the tire's width in millimeters. For example, if a tire's Tire Size Index reads 275 70R17, then it means that the width of this particular tire is 275 millimeters. Similarly, it can be seen that for another tire with the Tire Size Index 285 70R17, its width would be 285 millimeters. Hence, there is only a 10-millimeter difference between their Widths (285 - 275 = 10).

It is important to note that manufacturers take great care while measuring and indicating these sizes, making them 100% accurate and reliable. Therefore, you can depend on the information provided in the Tire Size Index when looking at different tires for your vehicle without worrying about any discrepancies or miscalculations concerning their measurements.

Aspect Ratio

When analyzing the tire size index, it is essential to consider the aspect ratio. This value is represented in the second two digits after the width and corresponds to a percentage. The aspect ratio helps determine a tire's sidewall height as it equals its width multiplied by this percentage. For instance, if we take 275 70R17 as an example, its sidewall height would be 192.5 millimeters (275 x 70%). Similarly, 285 70R17 would be 199.5 millimeters (285 x 70%).

It can thus be seen that when considering different sizes of tires, there are significant differences between them that should not be disregarded; these may impact your riding experience and even cause inaccuracies regarding readings from speedometers. Therefore, care must always be taken when making changes between tire sizes; they all need to be replaced simultaneously for optimal performance and safety while using motor vehicles.

Construction Type

It is essential to note the construction type of a tire when looking at its size index. The letter in the tire size index indicates the construction type; 'R' represents radial, and 'B' is for bias ply or cross-ply. Radial tires have a sophisticated construction with square footprints on top, making them ideal for on-road driving conditions. Bias-ply or cross-ply tires, indicated by a 'B,' are better suited to off-road driving conditions.

Rim Diameter

Examining a tire size index reveals whether or not the tire is compatible with the rim size. The final two digits of a tire size index denote the Rim Diameter, measured in inches. For example, they are using 275 70R17 Vs. 285 70R17 as examples, both tires have a 17-inch Rim Diameter. If this matches the wheel rims on one's vehicle, these sizes can be utilized - provided all wheels use identical-sized tires.

Wrapping Up With A Comparison Table Between 275 70R17 And 285 70R17:

Aspects 285 70R17 275 70R17 Difference
Diameter inches 32.71 32.16 -0.55 (-1.7%)
Width inches 11.22 10.83 -0.39 (-3.5%)
Circumference inches 102.76 101.03 -1.73 (-1.7%)
Sidewall Height inches 7.85 7.58 -0.28 (-3.5%)
Revs per mile 616.6 627.17 10.57 (1.7%)
Aspect Ratio % 70 70

When discussing the use of tire sizes on a 17-inch wheel rim, it is evident that both are viable options. However, there are considerable differences between the two. If an individual opts to switch from one size to another, all tires must be replaced at once to ensure optimal performance during their ride.

Final Words

It is essential to understand tire size when purchasing a new set of wheels. With the knowledge gained from this article, it is now possible to calculate a tire's width, sidewall height, construction type, and rim diameter simply by looking at its size index. It should be noted that the 275 70R17 Vs. 285 70R17 tires are not interchangeable, and one cannot replace one with the other. Further comparisons can be found on our website for those interested in learning more about tire sizes.

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