GMC Canyon Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

You can find all the details about GMC Canyon dashboard warning lights and symbols on this page. GMC Canyon cars, which started production in 2004, are still in production today. Many families prefer it in the United States because it falls into the large SUV category. Let's get to know the car, which is very useful as a business and family vehicle.

The GMC Canyon 2022 model comes with 18-inch wheels 2.5L or 3.6L engine in the standard package. You have the opportunity to upgrade up to 20-inch wheels. In addition, the vehicle is sold with 181 HP, 200 HP, and 308 HP, three different engine options. When all these features come together, the GMC brand, which is always one step ahead of its competitors, is the favorite brand of many people. On this page, we will explain the list after giving you information about the color definitions of GMC Canyon dashboard warning lights.

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GMC Canyon Dashboard Warning Lights Color Description

The color is the first thing you need to know about the symbols on the GMC Canyon dashboard warning lights. This color will give you information about how serious the warning light in the vehicle is. For this reason, if the light warning color is red, you should know there is a serious problem, and you should not continue driving. If it is yellow and orange, you should know that it is also a serious problem and driving is only allowed in some cases.

If you get a blue or green warning light, these are usually classified as minor faults and will enable you to continue driving. However, your conditions are also very important for these warning lights. For example, this is considered a green defect if your headlights are not on. However, if you want to drive at night, this defect turns red and indicates a serious problem. You can examine such situations in detail from the list below.

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GMC Canyon Battery Charge Warning Light

GMC Canyon Battery/Charge Warning Light

If the engine is not charging the battery, you will see the battery/charging warning light. After this light, pull the vehicle over and do not continue driving. As this is a serious problem, you should seek help from an experienced mechanic. Usually, battery replacement or cable repair is performed.

GMC Canyon Brake Warning Light

GMC Canyon Brake Malfunction Warning Light

The brake malfunction warning light will come on if the brake system in your vehicle is faulty. As this light is serious, it is not recommended to continue driving. If your brakes may not hold, seek service.

GMC Canyon Engine Oil Pressure Light

GMC Canyon Low Oil Pressure Warning Light

Open your vehicle's hood and check the oil level by pulling the dipstick. If you know which oil to put in, you can continue driving by adding oil. However, if you do not know which oil to put in, we recommend that you get help from an experienced mechanic to avoid more serious problems.

GMC Canyon Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

GMC Canyon Engine Temperature Warning Light

Indicates that your vehicle is overheating. After this light, open the hood and check the engine coolant. If the car has been running for a long time, wait at least 30 minutes, open the reservoir and add water. However, if you have not done this before, get support from a trained mechanic. Vehicles do not run out of engine coolant. A leak is usually detected if this malfunction occurs and the reservoir causes the problem.

GMC Canyon Air Bag Warning Light

GMC Canyon Airbag Warning Light

You will see this warning sign if there is a problem with the airbag system in your vehicle. In an accident, your airbags will not work, and it is not safe to continue driving.

GMC Canyon Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

GMC Canyon Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

The seat belt reminder warning light comes on to let you know if your vehicle has seat belts that the driver or passenger does not wear. Check that the seat belts are correctly fastened. If you think there is no problem, seek help from an experienced mechanic. The sensors may be faulty.

GMC Canyon Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) Warning Light

GMC Canyon Tire Pressure Warning Light

Tire pressure changes may occur in vehicles in cold or hot weather. As a result of this warning light, you need to adjust your tires to the pressure settings recommended by the service. After changing, it may be necessary to save new tire pressure settings via multimedia in some GMC models.

GMC Canyon keyless warning lights

GMC Canyon Key Malfunction Warning Light

This is the warning light that comes on in case of a contact problem between your vehicle and the key. In short, your vehicle does not recognize the key. Check or replace the key batteries. If the problem is not solved, contact an authorized service center.

GMC Canyon pedal brake operation warning lights

GMC Canyon Brake Pedal Start Warning Light

This is the warning light that comes on if there is a problem with the brake hold pedal in your vehicle. It indicates that the brake has difficulty holding the car in place. Thanks to the automatic brake pedal system, the vehicle must remain stationary even if your foot is not on the brake pedal. As a result of this warning light, you can understand that there is a problem in the system.

GMC Canyon General - Central Indicator Light

GMC Canyon General Malfunction Warning Light

The general fault warning light informs you that there is an unidentified available fault in any part of your vehicle. After this light, you should take the car to an authorized service center to detect and repair the problem. It will be checked and fixed in a computer environment. It usually consists of minor malfunctions.

GMC Canyon Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

GMC Canyon General Engine Malfunction Warning Light

It is a malfunction that has the same meaning as the above malfunction. However, the only difference between this fault from the other one is that the unidentified fault is in the engine section. This is a more serious malfunction than the other one, and it is necessary to check it in a computer environment at an authorized service to determine the problem.

GMC Canyon parking brake electric warning lights

GMC Canyon Electronic Parking Brake Warning Light

Indicates a malfunction of the electronic parking brake system on your GMC vehicle. Do not leave the car on an inclined surface with a parking brake malfunction. It is one of the malfunctions you need to solve in a short time. You can get support from the authorized service.

GMC Canyon driver attention coffee warning lights

GMC Canyon Driver Attention Warning Light

There is a control mechanism in the vehicle that monitors the driver. This system detects how long you have been driving and how tired you are. The driver's attention warning sign lets you know you are tired, distracted, and losing control. In this case, you should pull over and take a break for a while.

GMC Canyon radar cruise control warning lights

GMC Canyon Radar Cruise Control Warning Light

This is the warning light that lets you know that your vehicle's radar cruise control system is activated. However, if this light turns yellow instead of green, you can recognize a problem with the system.

GMC Canyon Electronic Stability Control Off Warning Light

GMC Canyon ESC Electronic Stability Control System OFF Warning Light

The ESC system in your vehicle has been manually switched off. To turn this system back on, use the ESC button located in the glove compartment. We explained what this system does in the warning below.

GMC Canyon ESC Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

GMC Canyon ESC Electronic Stability Control System ON Warning Light

The ESC system in your vehicle makes it easier for the car to hold on to the road in bends and turns. If "OFF" is not written with this warning sign, you can understand that there is a problem in the system. However, if it says "OFF," you have turned the system off. You should pay attention to this issue and not continue driving with ESC malfunction.

GMC Canyon FCW Forward Collision Warning Lights

GMC Canyon Smart Brake Warning Light

This warning sign lets you know that the intelligent braking system at the front of the vehicle is activated. However, if you see the exclamation mark "!" with this sign, it means there is a problem in the system.

GMC Canyon Exterior Lights warning lights

GMC Canyon Led Headlight Warning Light

It means there is a problem with the LED headlights in the vehicle. This is not a major problem during the daytime. However, it can become an important problem at night.

GMC Canyon power steering failture warning lights

GMC Canyon Power Steering Warning Light

Your vehicle uses the power steering system. However, if the power steering light comes on in your car, there is a problem in this system, and the vehicle switches to the traditional steering system. In this case, the steering becomes hard and difficult to control. To fix the problem, you can go to a GMC authorized dealer for help.

GMC Canyon at automatic transaxle warning lights

GMC Canyon Automatic Transaxle Warning Light

The "AT" warning sign on your vehicle indicates a transmission malfunction. You should check the automatic transmission system and contact an authorized GMC dealer for troubleshooting.

GMC Canyon ABS Warning Light

GMC Canyon ABS Brake Malfunction Warning Light

New generation vehicles use the ABS brake system. If your ABS light comes on, the system is not activated, and you cannot drive safely. You must fix the problem and free the vehicle from the conventional braking system.

GMC Canyon 4wd warning lights

GMC Canyon 4WD Malfunction Warning Light

It means there is a problem with the four-wheel drive system. If your vehicle permits, you can disengage the rear wheels and drive to the nearest GMC dealer. Discuss this situation with your GMC dealer and follow their instructions.

GMC Canyon High Beam Indicator Light

GMC Canyon High Beam Control Warning Light

The warning sign lights up to indicate that the high beam system in your vehicle is activated. However, if your high beam headlights do not work even though this light is on, or if your headlights work but this warning sign is not on, there is a problem in the system. If this warning light flashes, it means that the bulbs are blown.

GMC Canyon windshield wiper warning lights

GMC Canyon Low Washer Fluid Warning Light

Open your vehicle's hood, check the low washer fluid reservoir, and add more. The warning sign will go out, and the problem will be fixed.

GMC Canyon Traction Control Off Warning Light

GMC Canyon Traction Control Off Warning Light

When the traction control warning light illuminates, it can be an indication that a wheel-speed sensor has been covered in road grime or debris. In such cases, the vehicle will not receive assistance from its traction control system and should be inspected as soon as possible by a professional mechanic to ensure proper operation.

GMC Canyon Dashboard Warning Lights Problems

We have shared all the details about GMC Canyon dashboard warning lights and symbols with you. You can let us know by commenting on all other problems you are experiencing in your vehicle. Our other users and we will be pleased to support you in fixing the problem.

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What problems do the GMC Canyon have?

Some of the worst problems with the GMC Canyon include poor shifting, faulty power steering, and jerks, shudders, chugs, and slips.

Is GMC discontinuing the canyon?

Yes, GMC is discontinuing the canyon.

Is the GMC Canyon a reliable truck?

The GMC Canyon is a reliable truck and has a predicted reliability score of 79 out of 100.

Are GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado the same?

No, GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado are not the same. The Canyon is a more upscale version of the Chevy, which means it has some extra features. When you purchase the Denali trim, you'll be getting those bells and whistles.

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More important content about GMC

    • Hi Scott, The light you see is known as traction control off. We have included it in the list of GMC Canyon dashboard warning lights for you, please check it.

    • It’s most likely that the red light you are talking about in your 2006 GMC Canyon is the security system warning light, as you have already stated that it is normally symbolized by a padlock with a vehicle outline below. So here’s a picture for you:

      pad lock imposed over a vehicle

      The light comes on when your vehicle’s security system detects something like an open door, unauthorized trunk opening or even if it is slightly touched. It simply reminds you that your car’s security system is on.

      While the security system warning light itself shouldn’t cause any immediate driving issues, figuring out what caused it to come on is important. Here are some things you can check:

      • Make sure all doors, the trunk, and the hood are securely closed.
      • Look for any signs of forced entry such as broken windows.
      • Check whether you have mistakenly activated your remote starter.
      • Refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to troubleshoot the security system.

      If after checking everything the light stays on, please take your car to a qualified mechanic or dealership so that they can examine your security system. They will be able to identify and correct whatever issues need attention.


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