Kubota Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

Your Kubota tractor is equipped with many different dashboard warning lights and symbols that can indicate a variety of things to you, the operator. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most important ones so that you can be prepared the next time you see one pop up on your dash.

🚜Kubota Dashboard Warning Lights

Kubota Dashboard Warning Lights
Kubota Dashboard Warning Lights

If you’re like most Kubota owners, you probably don’t spend a lot of time looking at your dashboard. But when a warning light pops up, it’s important to know what it means. Here’s a quick guide to the most common Kubota dashboard warning lights and symbols.

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Check the entire list according to the numbering in the image.

  1. F or R – forward or reverse.
  2. Auto mode – Automatically change your shift to Save Power when you’re in Travel or Field mode.
  3. 1 – 8 or E: The power shift ratio is selected using the up-shift/downshift button. “E” appears when there is a gear shift error.
  4. Select L, M, H, C, or N – the range selected with the Power shift/Range lever. “C” appears when the creep speed is selected (option).
  5. (The Rev-limiter control is set. Display flashes when the engine speed is at or below the set speed.)
  6. The dual-memoried RPM is set.
  7. These are the settings for the Display Settings in the Shipping Method tab of your checkout:
    • Elapsed Timer
    • The Fastest Engine Rev
    • The CPU speed is set in memory.
    • I think you know the information
  8. When in the trip time mode, this product lights up.
  9. H: Hour meter or trip time, A and B: RPM dual memory, L: Lit when Rev-limiter control is set
  10. The height of the lifting arm is here in 0-99.
  11. Coolant temperature gauge
  12. This indicator will tell you if 4WD is engaged. If it’s on, that means it’s engaged.
  13. When the 4-wheel drive system is in Bi-speed turn mode, the ABS and Bi-speed turn indicators will come on.
  14. The rear differential lock indicator light will come on when you step on the differential lock pedal. The light will go off when you release the pedal.
  15. Renewal indicator – When you press the auto-renew light, this light comes on. When the renewal indicator starts flashing, it means a specific amount of PM has built up in the DPF. Keep working – the regeneration process is automatic.
  16. If a driver is parked near the intersection with the flashing, green, regenerative light (indicator) and they activate, or “power on,” their regenerative brake the indicator will stop flashing. The engine RPM increase indicator is here to let you know when it’s time to regenerate the engine. If the indicator starts flashing, just keep on working and let the car idle until the indicator turns off. Keep in mind that the engine needs to be at a certain rpm in order for regeneration to take place.
  17. If the RPMS are not managed properly, the generator will fail to regenerate. Restarting the engine or continuing to work will set off the parking device warning light and if you ignore it, then your self-recovery process will be interrupted. If this occurs, stop working immediately and turn off the tractor’s engine if you’re parked outside.
  18. Then make sure that you call for repair before resuming in any endeavor.
  19. Whenever the 3-point hitch is in use, the indicator will turn on.
  20. The draft indicator will turn on when you’re selecting your draft format, and it will turn off when you’re in position mode.
  21. The PTO clutch indicator turns on when the PTO clutch control switch is turned on.
  22. Warning symbols for engine oil – If the oil pressure falls below the normal level, you will see a warning symbol. If this happens while the car is in operation, and it doesn’t go off when accelerating to more than 1000 rpm, check the engine oil level. Add more oil or have it changed as necessary.
  23. If the air cleaner is clogged, the warning indicator will come on. The air cleaner element should be cleaned every 100 hours.
  24. Your parking brake is engaged.
  25. This heater is on.
  26. The front suspension indicator light comes on when the suspension switch is in one of two positions: ON or AUTO LOCK.
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  • Red Warning Lights: A red warning light on your Kubota dashboard is serious and indicates a problem with one of your vehicle’s major systems. If you see a red light, stop the vehicle as soon as it’s safe to do so and investigate the issue.
  • Amber Warning Lights: An amber warning light on your Kubota dashboard is less serious than a red light, but still indicates that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Amber lights usually indicate a problem with one of your vehicle’s secondary systems. If you see an amber light, you can usually continue driving for a short distance before stopping to investigate the issue.
  • Green Warning Lights: You should never ignore a green warning light on your car’s dash. These lights are there to warn you of potential problems so that you can take action to avoid them. Green warning lights can indicate something as simple as a loose gas cap, or they could be an indicator of a more serious problem like an engine misfire. If you’re unsure what the light means, consult your owner’s manual or ask a qualified mechanic for help.

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✅What do the Kubota Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

What do the Kubota Dashboard Warning Lights Mean 1
What do the Kubota Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

If you have a Kubota tractor, then you know that the dashboard is full of different lights and symbols. While some of these are self-explanatory, others can be more confusing. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common dashboard warning lights and symbols, and what they mean for your Kubota tractor.

What do the Kubota Dashboard Warning Lights Mean
What do the Kubota Dashboard Warning Lights Mean

One of the most important Kubota dashboard warning lights is the engine light. This light will come on if there is an issue with your engine, and it’s important to take notice of it. If the engine light is accompanied by an oil pressure light or a coolant temperature light, then you should stop driving immediately and call a service technician.

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Other common Kubota dashboard warning lights include the battery light, which indicates a problem with your tractor’s electrical system, and the glow plug light, which comes on when the engine is cold and needs to be warmed up. There are also lights for the hydraulic system, transmission, and 4WD system.

If you see any of the dashboard warning lights come on, it’s important to take note and seek help if needed. Ignoring these warnings could lead to further damage to your tractor.

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We hope this guide to Kubota dashboard warning lights and symbols has been helpful. If you’re still unsure about what a particular light or symbol means, consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Kubota dealer. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to operating your tractor, so if in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

🚛Is Kubota as good as John Deere?

Kubota tractors are known as a better option for many who need more maneuverable buckets. John Deere is much more expensive, but it comes with a bucket. Regardless of brand preference, each tractor provides durability, function, and performance.

㊙Is Kubota Chinese or Japanese?

Kubota (UK) Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kubota Corporation, of Japan. While they’re present in every continent and country, they’re particularly well-known for their small to medium-sized diesel engines and compact tractors. Additionally, they are considered the world’s leader in both diesel ride-on mowers and agricultural equipment.

🤔What are the problems with Kubota tractors?

The tractor owners we spoke to reported a number of common problems, like reduced speed and steering failures. They also experienced hydraulic noise and loader drift.

📈What is the cost of a Kubota tractor?

in USA;
Kubota B2601HSD Compact Tractor -$15,680
Kubota B2650HSDC Tractor -$30,095
Kubota B3350HSDC Tractor -$35,604
Kubota B2650HSD Tractor -$19,766

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  1. Half of the problems with Kubota tractors lie in the company’s outdated business model, while the other half is due to its lack of innovation. The company does not have a remote diagnostic system for its machines. This means that Kubota must first know about any problem before they can diagnose and fix it. Kubota tractors are often sold without features found on competing machines, such as auto-changers or GPS systems.

    The company charges exorbitant amounts for parts, such as $350 for a belt or $650 for a radiator. Combined with the aforementioned problem, this often forces owners to trade in their old machine when they need maintenance because they cannot afford the parts and labor costs. This is especially true if their warranty has expired (at 7 years).

  2. I recently noticed a few dashboard warning lights and symbols on my Kubota tractor. I’m not sure what these mean, so I’m hoping for some clarification on what each of these warnings means and how to address them.

    Thank you for bringing this up! The best way to identify the meaning behind your Kubota’s dashboard warning lights and symbols is by looking in your owner’s manual or consulting with an authorized dealer who can help explain them in detail. Additionally, there are online resources available that can provide helpful information regarding the various warnings associated with your specific model and make.


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