Best Tuner For 5.9 Cummins

One may be looking for increased mileage or more power for towing, and a Cummins engine can provide this. However, its full potential is only unleashed with the use of a tuner. Research has been conducted to aid in this process, and reviews have been made regarding the best tuners available for the 5.9 Cummins diesel engine. This article provides information on the top-rated programmers that can boost your Dodge Ram. Get started today and see what improvements are possible!

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Best Tuner For 5.9 Cummins Reviews

Best Tuner For 5.9 Cummins Reviews
Best Tuner For 5.9 Cummins Reviews

The analysis was limited to products that were easy to use and had all the features necessary for improved performance.

1. Compact Yet Capable: Smarty Tuners SJ-06

Compact Yet Capable Smarty Tuners SJ-06
Compact Yet Capable Smarty Tuners SJ-06


  • Compatibility: 2003-2007 5.9L Cummins
  • Screen Size: Not Specified
  • Display Type: Monochrome; Not Touch Responsive
  • Weight: 1.85 ‎pounds

The Smarty Tuners SJ-06 is the most compact tuner on the market in comparison to its competitors. Manufactured specifically with a 5.9 Cummins diesel engine in mind, it offers a maximum power gain of up to 100HP among all five products. Despite an inconvenient display size, plenty of other features make this product stand out. It can regulate power, torque, fuel emission, and other parameters through three different performance levels – 40, 70, or 100 HP increments. Additionally, one can read trouble codes without using any additional tool and perform software updates quickly via a USB connection with its onboard computer due to the included standard cable with the package purchase.

Therefore, users who have experience with old-school tuning will benefit greatly from this tuner as opposed to millennial truck owners whose patience may be tested by working with a monochrome display. Its small size makes it easy to install while also delivering impressive results when compared to rival models on the market today; making it suitable for those looking for greater control over their vehicle’s engine performance settings quickly and easily but still providing exceptional power gains if desired by the user when they need it most!

Overall, Smarty Tuners SJ-06 has proven itself time and again as an effective solution for controlling your vehicle’s engine performance settings more efficiently than ever before whilst taking minimal space up under your hood at only half the size of similar competitors! With great features such as powerful reading capability plus fast downloads and software updates achievable via USB connection which comes included within the package purchase, you cannot go wrong investing in this high-quality product designed especially for optimizing diesel engines!


  • Its compact size affords users the ability to tune without sacrificing important features.
  • The intuitive interface lends itself to easy settings, making it an ideal choice for all levels of users.
  • It avails almost all of the options one may find in a modern tuner at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors.
  • It is very much affordable, yet provides great value with its robust tuning capabilities.


  • The old-fashioned device has a small monochrome display.

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2. Monitoring And Improving Performance: Bully Dog – 40420

Monitoring And Improving Performance Bully Dog – 40420
Monitoring And Improving Performance Bully Dog – 40420


  • Compatibility: 2003-2017 5.9L Cummins
  • Screen Size: 2.5”
  • Display Type: Color LCD; Not Touch Responsive
  • Weight: 0.3 ‎pounds

Bully Dog 40420 has become popular with many truck owners due to its compatibility with a wide range of engine tunings. It can also display 15 different performance parameters, allowing users to set and save up to 10 custom tuning modifications and track their vehicle’s performance. The benefit of using the Bully Dog 40420 is that it does not require any special equipment or tools for adjusting the settings. Furthermore, the improvements remain within the limits of what can be achieved without compromising engine safety.

The user-friendly interface makes this device easy to use, even for those who lack technical expertise. There are five buttons on one side that allow users to navigate through options quickly and easily adjust different parameters via a large screen display. All it takes is inputting your truck’s model into the Bully Dog 40420 in order to determine if it is compatible with your vehicle.


  • Its capability to increase HP, torque, and fuel efficiency is perfect.
  • It has the capacity to monitor up to 15 different performance stats.
  • It can read and clear any Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) for a smoother operation.
  • Its easy operability and internet update option make it highly user-friendly.
  • Its decent memory size, containing up to 10 custom tunings, provides great convenience for users.


  • This price range does not include a touch display.

3. Wide Range Of Compatibility: NEW SUPERCHIPS FLASHPAQ F5

Wide Range Of Compatibility NEW SUPERCHIPS FLASHPAQ F5
Wide Range Of Compatibility NEW SUPERCHIPS FLASHPAQ F5


  • Compatibility: 1998-2012 5.9L Cummins
  • Screen Size: 2.8”
  • Display Type: Color LCD; Not Touch Responsive
  • Weight: 0.66 ‎pounds

FLASHPAQ F5 is a tuner that offers an impressive range of features. It has the capability to provide power enhancement for 5.9L Cummins diesel engines, while also being safe and effective for use in any of the 50 states in North America. The device itself is compact enough to fit into the palm of one’s hand, and it can be connected easily to a vehicle’s diagnostic port via its intuitive menu system. With this connection, users are able to select from various adjustments which will help transform their truck into a more efficient or powerful machine as needed. Additionally, FLASHPAQ F5 can be updated through internet access using a USB cable when needed.

Despite its smaller display size compared to some competitors, FLASHPAQ F5 provides solid value with regard to features and durability offered by the product. In addition, it comes at an affordable price point, making it attractive for those looking to improve performance without spending too much money on tuning products. Therefore overall, FLASHPAQ F5 holds up well against comparisons made with other available options in terms of performance enhancement possibilities and usability combined with affordability considerations – making it an all-around appealing choice for many consumers searching for optimal results out of their vehicles’ engine tuners.


  • Its user-friendly design allows for plug-and-play, making it legal for all 5.9L Cummins across America.
  • Pre-loaded tunes provide improved performance with different presets available to increase towing power or fuel economy.
  • Durable construction guarantees a satisfactory warranty period when purchased.
  • It provides an easy installation process designed with user convenience in mind.
  • Customers can enjoy reliable performance from its pre-loaded tunes that are proven to enhance the power and fuel efficiency of their vehicle’s engine system


  • Users have reported that ECM can occasionally freeze.

4. Great Value, Great Product: Smarty Tuners TOUCH 98.5+

Great Value, Great Product Smarty Tuners TOUCH 98.5+
Great Value, Great Product Smarty Tuners TOUCH 98.5+


  • Compatibility: 1998-2012 5.9L Cummins
  • Screen Size: 4.3”
  • Display Type: Color LCD; Touch Responsive
  • Weight: 1.81 ‎pounds

Smarty Tuners’ TOUCH 98.5+ boasts a high-quality 4.3” touch-responsive display, offering the fastest PID available in its class. Its smart circuitry avails users of all popular tuning abilities sought by Cummins owners, although this is an expensive option. Despite the cost, investing in it won’t be regretted due to its capabilities; allowing for adjustment of fuel supply and engine power to gain desired performance from a truck. Moreover, the color display facilitates real-time monitoring of performance data for effective tuning. It can either be held or mounted as required without any problem – mounting is recommended for optimal use when measuring vital parameters.


  • Its communication module avails a very fast refresh rate.
  • It boasts a large touch display for easy navigation.
  • It can accurately read up to 2200F with an EGT sensor.
  • There are four configurable dashboards available on it.


  • Expensive

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5. Effective And Easy To Use: Smarty S-03 Tuner

Effective And Easy To Use Smarty S-03 Tuner
Effective And Easy to Smarty S-03 Tuner


  • Compatibility: 1998-2002 5.9L Cummins
  • Screen Size: Not Specified
  • Display Type: Monochrome; Not Touch Responsive
  • Weight: 2 ‎pounds

The Smarty Tuner S-03 has been designed for Dodge Ram owners to unlock the true potential of their 5.9L Cummins engine. This tuner has many buttons, making it not as compact as its predecessor, but it still features a monochrome display screen that is easy to operate. Despite its older look and mechanism, this device boasts an advantage over more modern equivalents – durability due to its simpler design and robust build quality.

It is said that by enabling “Setting 3” users can expect both improved MPG and performance without harming the transmission. For those who own older trucks and appreciate early tuning devices, the Smarty S-03 could be an ideal solution, given its reliable performance and user-friendly operation. Furthermore, buyers will not be missing out on any essential features or options with this product compared to others available in the market today.

For those interested in purchasing this tuner, a link offering the best online deal can be found here; take advantage of it now! The combination of efficiency, smooth functionality, and long-lasting design make the Smarty Tuner S-03 a popular choice for many vehicle owners keen on unlocking their engine’s full potential quickly and easily.


  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to use and transport.
  • Necessary numeric and control buttons enable quick adjustments.
  • It comes with fast downloads and a full set of popular settings.
  • In comparison to other high-end models, its pricing is quite affordable.


  • Monochrome displays and the absence of a touch screen can be limited to users.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying The Best Tuner For 5.9 Cummins

It is well-known that a normal hot chip or inexpensive programmer does not offer many options. However, in this article, the use of tuners for 5.9L Cummings has been suggested as an alternative. It should be double-checked to ensure compatibility with one’s truck model before purchase and setup.

The user interface of these tuners is quite simple, and they come with plug-and-play pushbuttons to facilitate easy operation by anyone. All necessary parameters are included in them so users can enjoy endless possibilities, such as racing or maximizing fuel efficiency. Moreover, their durability is longer than other competitor models available on the market today.

Price should also be taken into account when selecting a particular device; however, exceptions may need to be made depending on what features are desired because expensive models often turn out to be the best options overall. Additionally, knowledge regarding how long each device takes to flash and its memory capacity can help determine which model most suits one’s needs and requirements.

Finally, checking for internet update capability via USB cable connection and understanding the limits of both engine and tuner are recommended steps prior to making any major changes or upgrades so optimal results without causing damage can be ensured at all times.

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Final Words

One may find the task of finding the best tuner for 5.9 Cummins daunting. However, with established priorities and expectations in place, it becomes simple. Reviews should be read to identify which model meets their requirements most closely, while the budget also needs to be taken into account. After narrowing down a few products as finalists, the one that would not overstretch finances can then be chosen.

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