Dodge Avenger Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

You need to know the Dodge Avenger dashboard warning lights. We will support you on this page to fix the problems in your vehicle. Before moving on to the Dodge Avenger dashboard warning lights, let's give some information about the car. Dodge Avenger, a mid-sized and front-wheel drive sedan car, started to be sold in North America in 1994. Until 2000, it was known as a 2-door coupe car, but the four-door model was launched in 2007. Dodge's acquisition of the Dart discontinued the Avenger model after 2014. However, we know that many people are using this vehicle today.

This page's Dodge Avenger dashboard warning lights are specially prepared for users who cannot give up the Avenger series. We include all the malfunction signs in the list so that you can instantly identify and solve the problem you are experiencing in your vehicle. In this way, you will understand how serious the malfunction is at first glance. For this, you should pay attention to the color definitions and the fault signs in the list. Let's tell you all the details about Dodge Avenger dashboard warning lights.

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Dodge Avenger Dashboard Warning Lights Color Definitions

You should know some details about Dodge Avenger dashboard warning lights and color definitions. Colors are examined in 5 main groups. The malfunction is serious if you see a red, orange, or yellow warning light. However, if you see a blue or green warning light, the fault is not severe and can be fixed later. However, as with every malfunction, there are some exceptions.

You should know that whatever the color of the malfunction in your vehicle, you have a problem that needs to be solved. Faults you ignore because they are small can grow and cause you to spend more money. In this regard, you can examine the Dodge Avenger dashboard warning lights with all their meanings from the list below.

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Dodge Avenger Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

Dodge Avenger Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

If the seat belt is not worn correctly by the driver or passengers, the seat belt reminder warning light comes on. It is not safe to continue driving in this way. The seat belts will not work in the event of an accident. You should not set off without wearing your seat belt.

Dodge Avenger Air Bag Warning Light

Dodge Avenger Airbag Warning Light

There may be a fault in the electrical system of the airbags in your vehicle. The service center must check the airbags, eliminating the problem. Failure of the airbags to operate in an accident could result in more severe problems.

Dodge Avenger brake usa and canada warning lights

Dodge Avenger Parking Brake Malfunction Warning Light

Check whether your vehicle's parking brake is active. If there is no problem with the parking brake, there is a fault in the general brake system. In this case, call the service center and make an appointment by explaining the situation. Do not leave your vehicle on the slopes during this process.

Dodge Avenger Hood Open Warning Light

Dodge Avenger Hood Open Warning Light

Check that the bonnet of your vehicle is closed correctly. Leaving the hood open can cause more severe problems.

Dodge Avenger ABS Warning Light

Dodge Avenger ABS Brake Malfunction Warning Light

New-generation vehicles use the ABS brake system. If your ABS brake light is on, there is a problem with the brake system in your car. It will not be safe to continue driving with the old brake system. You can get help from an experienced mechanic to fix this situation.

Dodge Avenger ESC Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

Dodge Avenger ESC Electronic Stability Control System Malfunction Warning Light

Your vehicle's ESC system keeps the car on the road. If the ESC light comes on, you should understand that there is an ESC malfunction. With a malfunctioning ESC system, you may experience serious problems when cornering and turning. We recommend that you seek the support of a trained mechanic to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Dodge Avenger Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) Warning Light

Dodge Avenger Tire Pressure Warning Light

Check your vehicle's tire pressure. Steering control becomes difficult in cars with low tire pressure. You should fix this situation immediately due to the hot and cold weather. For this, you must apply the tire pressure settings given to you by the factory. You can then save your new tire pressure settings on the multimedia screen.

Dodge Avenger power steering failture warning lights

Dodge Avenger Power Steering Malfunction Warning Light

You will see this warning light when there is a problem with your vehicle's power steering system. This indicates a malfunction in the power and electric steering system. After power steering failure, the steering becomes stiff and difficult to control—request help from the service center to correct the situation.

Dodge Avenger Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

Dodge Avenger General Engine Failure Warning Light

If there is an unidentified fault in the engine compartment of your vehicle, the general engine fault warning light will come on. In this case, you can call the service center and ask for a computerized diagnosis of the vehicle's problem.

Dodge Avenger Rear Fog Lights Warning Light

Dodge Avenger Rear Fog Light Warning Light

This is not a fault but a warning light to inform you. You will see this light when you turn on the rear fog light.

Dodge Avenger Turn Signal Indicator Light

Dodge Avenger Turn Signals Warning Light

These warning lights come on when you use your vehicle's turn signals. However, if these lights flash continuously, there is a malfunction in the signs. You should determine which signal is faulty and replace the bulb.

Dodge Avenger Dashboard Warning Lights Problems

We have shared all the details about Dodge Avenger dashboard warning lights and their meanings. Please let us know by commenting if you cannot find the fault sign you are looking for regarding the problem in your vehicle on this page. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Our other users and I will gladly help you troubleshoot the problem.

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FAQs About Dodge Avenger

Is Dodge Avenger a good car?

The Dodge Avenger is a fantastic car to own. Owners love its reliability, fuel efficiency, many ride and engine options, and other features designed with the driver in mind.

Why was the Dodge Avenger discontinued?

The Dodge Avenger's score in our Ratings was too low to be recommended. The Avenger was discontinued from Dodge's product offerings after the 2014 model year, though it found life in some rental fleets.

Is a Dodge Avenger a V6 or a v8?

The Avenger is a muscle car with a 103.7-inch wheelbase and either a 2.0 L inline-four engine or a Mitsubishi-designed 2.5L V6.

What are the most common problems with a Dodge Avenger?

The Dodge Avenger may experience several common issues, including squeaking brakes, engine stalling and not starting, improper air conditioning and heater functioning, transmission and shifting problems, and engine cooling difficulties. Being aware of these potential problems can help owners take steps to prevent them from occurring or being able to address the issue immediately when it does arise.

Is the Dodge Avenger a reliable car?

The Dodge Avenger has a 4.0 out of 5.0 reliability rating, placing it among the top tiers for compact cars. Ownership costs have also been reported to be lower than average, as evidenced by the annual repair cost averaging $541.

Why was Dodge Avenger discontinued?

Dodge's Avenger model was discontinued after the 2014 model year, having scored too low in Ratings to be recommended. Despite its removal from mainstream product offerings, it continued to exist in some daily-rental fleets.

Is it expensive to fix a Dodge Avenger?

Estimation of repair and maintenance costs for a Dodge Avenger lies between $95 and $2071, with an average expenditure amounting to approximately $272.

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