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If you are a driver, then I am sure that you have seen some strange acronyms on your car’s dashboard and have always wondered what they mean. One that confuses many people is “FAP” which stands for Full Accessory Power. To explain FAP, it means that your car will still run even after you turn off the ignition. Though it has its uses, this feature should not be abused since it will keep siphoning energy from the battery leading to its eventual depletion. In this blog post, I will discuss more about FAP and its relevance to drivers.

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What does Full Accessory Power Active Mean?

What does Full Accessory Power Active Mean
What does Full Accessory Power Active Mean?

Full Accessory Power (FAP) in most cars nowadays is a feature I find useful. You can still run your vehicle with ignition turned off at times when it may be necessary. However, remember that this will drain the car battery so only use FAP when required and for short periods.

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Which Accessories are Active with the FAP?

Which Accessories are Active with the FAP
Which Accessories are Active with the FAP?

I believe that the FAP function being present in this particular profession is very helpful to me as a driver. Once I switch off my engine power remains on to some accessories such as GPS devices plus audio systems among others. This helps not to constantly start these devices again especially GPS and audio system every time. These mostly include headlights, auxiliary outlets, interior lights or radio memory presets.

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The Headlights

The Headlights
The Headlights

I find them helpful while keeping my headlights open as soon as I shut down my car engine. This can be of great advantage to me at times such as parking in dark places or changing a tire during night time. The aim is to ensure that I stay visible and can see where am going while doing things like replacing tires or looking for other things outside of the vehicle all around myself completely lit up by my jacket or smartphone flashlight while I replace the tire or search for something else out of reach in the dark around me inside an area sitting alone as the only car having park at night. Keeping your headlights on may not seem like much, but it can make a huge difference in keeping yourself safe and feeling more secure.

The Radio

The Radio
The Radio

I find some of the radios to be quite convenient since they can still remain on even after I have switched off the car. This however means that my battery will die faster so I should always remember to switch off my radio when I am done using it. It is an extra step but it saves energy and sustains battery life over time.

The Climate Control

The Climate Control
The Climate Control

I find it very useful to know that the FAP will keep the air conditioning or heater running even after I turn off my car. This can be extremely beneficial when parking in areas with extreme temperatures, as it allows me to keep my car at a comfortable temperature without having to leave the engine on for an extended period of time. The FAP is certainly a great feature and one that I take advantage of frequently.

The Window

The Windows
The Glass

I find the ability to roll up or down my car’s window even after turning off the vehicle extremely convenient. For example, whenever I park my car in a shaded area and want to prevent sun rays from getting in or when I just wish to air it out before entering. This makes me comfortable and more importantly is essential for fuel efficiency since I do not have to cool down when need arises.

The Trunk

The Trunk

Some cars, however, have trunks that remain open when the ignition of the car is turned off. In such cases, I don’t need to run my vehicle for extended periods of time when loading or unloading groceries. This is a smart way of conserving energy and making sure you don’t forget anything!

Should I Use the FAP Feature?

Should I Use the FAP Feature
Should I Use the FAP Feature?

I have discovered that sometimes it may be useful to use the FAP feature, but remember; excessive use may lead to battery drain. In these cases, whenever necessary, only this option will work for me. If ever in doubt about using the FAP feature, I always refer to my owner’s manual as it has more detailed information on how best to properly, safely and effectively utilize this feature.

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Tips for Using the Full Accessory Power Feature Effectively

Tips for Using the full Accessory Power Feature Effectively
Tips for Using the Full Accessory Power Feature Effectively

To copy/paste a FAP:

Apply after long drive.

Use FAP if you are looking for something that can make your long drive easier and help you get the most from your battery. Sometimes we’re parked with plenty of charge remaining in our batteries.

Use it for a short time.

If you need your CCR battery last longer then turn on the FAP button. Remember that it will only stay on for a certain period so ensure you use it enough to charge your car.

Switch off any unnecessary accessories.

Before leaving your vehicle make sure the accessory is off thus saving your battery charge

Monitor Battery Level

When using a FAP feature keep an eye on your car battery’s level. Turn it off and let the battery to charge fully once it starts getting low.

I found it incredibly convenient to have the Full Accessory Power Active feature in my car so that I can keep my car running after switching off the engine. Nevertheless, this will drain your car’s battery, therefore, only use it when it is absolutely indispensable. This article has helped me understand how best to make use of this powerful vehicle feature and it is something I will likely utilize in the future.

FAQ About Full Accessory Power Active

FAQ About Full Accessory Power Active
FAQ About Full Accessory Power Active

Let's respond to questions we have received about Full Accessory Power Activated.

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How do you engage the FAP feature?

To activate FAP, the key should be turned to accessory position or a button on the dashboard pressed. Be careful not to use this in fine weather. If in doubt, look for the owner’s manual for your car and see how this system can be activated.

How do I turn off FAP?

When you want it off, switch off the vehicle or press the button again. Read the manual if you still have questions.

How can I know where my car has hidden its FAP feature?

For non-automatic cars, one is likely to spot it on the dashboard. Nevertheless, if you are either a passenger or have access to a user’s guide specifically designed for a certain model of an automobile, read through it and find out where FAP is hiding as well as how to operate it.

How do I turn off my Ford’s accessory mode?

The engine running while there is an indicator light for accessory mode when your car is on. Once without foot on brake pedal and releasing when foot placed on brake pedal will allow you use this level.

What is accessory power in a car?

This automotive cigarette lighter outlet became something of a standard that was expected to power DC accessories used in or around automobiles…

What does “Run Power Active” mean on a car?

Imagine no “Power Active”! Well there is one and it presents itself by pressing start button without having your feet either on brake or accelerator pedal.

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