Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

We will inform you about this page's Honda Odyssey dashboard warning lights. Honda vehicles are generally reliable and more affordable than other brands. This series will examine the Honda Odyssey model, which has many users.

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Honda Odyssey has been produced since 1994. Some simple errors during the first production times were fixed over time. It has taken its place among models with no margin of error and generally does not fail. The Japanese production Honda Odyssey was the most popular car until 2004. Even if the vehicles have minor defects, some problems may arise. On this page, we will give you information about the Honda Odyssey dashboard warning lights and tell you how to solve the issues.

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Why Do Dashboard Lights Stay On?

Honda Odyssey dashboard warning lights stay on unless the error is cleared. In particular, errors with red, yellow, and orange colors are marked as essential problems. This indicates that more serious problems may occur if the fault is not rectified quickly. The driver is expected to consider these errors and fix the issues.

Turning off the lights is impossible unless you troubleshoot the problems. For this, you can find the warning lights in your Honda Odyssey from the list below. Information on how to resolve is provided next to each warning light. For malfunctions that indicate an emergency, please contact the authorized service.

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Honda Odyssey brake usa and canada warning lights

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Brake System Malfunction

While the malfunction of the brake system sometimes looks like the sign on the side, sometimes you only see the word "BRAKE." It depends on the rules of the state in which you use this vehicle. Make sure your handbrake is released. If there is no problem with your handbrake, there is a malfunction in the general vehicle brake system.

Honda Odyssey oil change warning lights

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Low Oil Pressure

This light comes on for you to check the engine oil. Probably low crude and needs to be topped up. The engines of vehicles do not suddenly lose fat. You will receive a low oil warning if you neglect their maintenance or if there is a leak. It is dangerous to continue driving this way as the mechanical parts will not be sufficiently lubricated. Find out which oil you need to add from a specialist repairer or authorized service and add oil.

Honda Odyssey Battery Charge Warning Light

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Battery Charger

You will see this light when the engine cannot charge the battery. First, pull over immediately and do not continue driving. Turn off all electrical appliances in the vehicle. Get help from an experienced mechanic.

Honda Odyssey Air Bag Warning Light

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Air Bag

You will see this light when there is a problem with some of the airbags. It is a severe problem. In the event of a possible malfunction, the airbags will not deploy, and it is dangerous to continue driving this way.

Honda Odyssey Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: General Engine Failure

Indicates an unidentified fault somewhere in the engine. It should be checked in an authorized service environment to detect this error fully. Usually, your vehicle is connected to the computer, and the problem is detected and solved. Sometimes it was a minor problem, and sometimes it was seen that severe issues emerged.

Honda Odyssey keyless warning lights

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Smart Key System

The critical sign means a problem with the keyless entry & start system. It could be a big problem, such as a system malfunction. But we recommend that you check the battery of the switch first. In some cases, it has been seen that this light is on only because the key's battery is dead.

Honda Odyssey ABS Warning Light

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: ABS Brake

When the ABS light comes on, it indicates your vehicle has switched to the conventional braking system. If a car exits the ABS, it does not have an efficient braking system. Therefore, it is a critical problem and needs to be resolved. You cannot get the efficiency you want from traditional braking systems and cannot stop the vehicle when you plan.

Honda Odyssey Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) Warning Light

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Tire Pressure

This indicates that the tires are not in factory settings. One or more of the tires may have dropped in pressure. Check all tires and adjust their tension to the recommended settings. The light will turn off automatically. If not, save new strains via multimedia. If it gives a low tire pressure warning, there may be an air leak in the tires.

Honda Odyssey High Temperature warning lights

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: High Temperature

It reminds us that there is a malfunction in the vehicle's cooling system. Stop the car immediately and wait 30 minutes. Do not continue driving if the same light comes on again after the car has cooled down. This can be a serious malfunction, and you may face bigger problems as the engine is not cooling itself.

Honda Odyssey Low Temperature warning lights

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Low Temperature

Many cars do not have a cold warning light indicator. However, their presence in Honda vehicles makes them unique. You will see this light if the vehicle's driving environment is not suitable for the car. You will see this warning that you want to drive the vehicle with a rating below the rating set by the manufacturer. Do not start the vehicle if the engine cannot withstand this cold, which can be dangerous.

Honda Odyssey Daytime Running Lights warning lights

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: DRL Daytime Running Lights

This warning light indicates that the daytime running lights are active and working. It's not a problem. It's just to inform the driver. If the light flashes, it means the bulbs are faulty.

Honda Odyssey ESC Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: ESC Stability System

The ESC system allows the vehicle to hold onto the road. Your vehicle connects with the ground when cornering or going fast. When the ESC system is not activated, the car feels insecure and loses grip. It is dangerous to drive the vehicle without the ESC system started. Check that the ESC system is not turned off manually. This system is usually located in the glove box of the car.

Honda Odyssey power steering failture warning lights

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Power Steering Control

This light is essential, meaning there is a malfunction in the vehicle's power steering system. When the hydraulic system is inactive, the vehicle's steering becomes stiff and difficult to control. You need to get support from an experienced mechanic to prevent this situation. Otherwise, you may cause further damage to the steering box.

Honda Odyssey Immobilizer Problem warning lights

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Immobilizer

Each vehicle has a specific immobilizer system. Your car will match the key. But if you see the immobilizer warning light, it means there is a problem with the system. Check the battery of your key or remote. If the problem is not with the battery, seek help from an experienced mechanic. A malfunction has occurred in the immobilizer sensors.

Honda Odyssey Lane Departure Warning Light RED

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Lane-Keeping System

This light may come on in vehicles with a lane tracking system. It reminds you that your car has stopped following the lane, and you need to take control. Usually, this warning light is accompanied by an audible warning.

Honda Odyssey Collision Mitigating Braking System Warning Light

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Collision Mitigation System

Some Honda Odyssey vehicles have sensors in the front bumper. This sensor prevents you from colliding with the car and allows the vehicle to brake automatically at low speeds. If you see this warning sign, it indicates that the system is inactive and that the collision system will not work in case of a possible accident. It is a significant problem; checking it will prevent more severe problems.

Honda Odyssey Blind Spot Indicator Light

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Blind Spot

It is a system used to express the point of your vehicle that you cannot see. However, if this light is on, there is a problem with the blind spot system. It would help if you had this system checked, which prevents you from colliding with an object or vehicle at a point you cannot see.

Honda Odyssey Cruise Control Indicator Light

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights: Adaptive Cruise Control

In the ACC system, your vehicle follows the car's speed in front and automatically adjusts its speed. This is a system that provides you with extra security. If it lights solid, it indicates that the system is active. Usually, this system should be deactivated when the brake is applied. Do not relinquish control of the vehicle if the light flashes or beeps. There may be a malfunction in the system or an object blocking the sensors.

Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights Problems

We have told you all about the Honda Odyssey dashboard warning lights so that you can fix your problems with your Honda Odyssey. Please let us know if you see a different light than the warning lights in this list. We will investigate the warning you received and include it on this page. You can comment to get support and produce solutions for the problems you are experiencing. Other users, and we are happy to assist you.

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FAQs About Honda Odyssey Dashboard Warning Lights

Why is Honda discontinuing Odyssey?

"It (the plant) is not a factor in our future," said Honda's president and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo. "We have been agile enough as a company to adjust manufacturing strategy" due to the changing global automobile market.

Is Honda Odyssey worth buying?

This article examines the strengths and weaknesses of the 2023 Honda Odyssey and finds out whether it's a good minivan.

Is Honda Odyssey a reliable car?

We expect the 2023 Odyssey to be as reliable as the average new car. Based on data from the 2020, 2021, and 2022 models, it's likely that the 2023 Odyssey will be about average in terms of reliability.

What do Honda warning lights mean?

Regarding warning lights on a dashboard, red is the most serious and requires immediate attention. Yellow should be noted with caution, and the issue should be addressed as soon as possible. Green can often be disregarded, allowing for the vehicle's continued operation without interruption.

What do different dashboard warning lights mean?

Warning lights are an essential part of a car's safety system. They come in three colors – red, amber, and green – each conveying a specific meaning to the driver. Red warning lights indicate that immediate action is required and suggest that the car should be stopped as soon as it is safe. Amber warning lights signify that there may be an issue or potential problem which requires attention. In contrast, green warning lights provide information only and pose no danger to the vehicle or its occupants.

What is the malfunction indicator light on a Honda Odyssey?

The Malfunction Indicator Lamp, more commonly referred to as the "check engine light," looks like an engine block and can be found on a vehicle's dashboard. When it's steadily glowing, this indicates an issue with either the emissions control system or the fuel cap is loose or missing. It is essential to promptly address any problems this lamp reveals to keep one's car running efficiently and safely.

What is the yellow exclamation mark on my Honda Odyssey?

Maintaining proper tire pressure is important to keeping a Honda vehicle running safely and efficiently. If the pressure in one or more of its tires gets too low, a light will appear on the dashboard that looks like an exclamation point inside a flat tire. In this case, pulling over and restoring normal tire pressure as soon as possible is recommended.

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  1. The instrument warning light is not displayed here..
    The warning light is of a box with heat lines on top and a pipe out of each end of the Box.. I can't find this type of warning light anyway for a 1999 ra1 Honda Odyssey ...

    What is it and does it mean ??

    • It sounds like the warning light you're seeing is related to the engine cooling system. The box with heat lines on top symbol typically represents the engine, and the pipes could be indicative of coolant flow.

      This light is usually related to the engine's temperature and cooling system. It often means that the engine is overheating or there's an issue with the coolant system. This could be due to low coolant levels, a leak in the system, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a problem with the water pump, among other things.

      I would highly recommend checking your coolant level first. If the coolant level is low, fill it up to the appropriate level and check to see if the warning light goes off. If the coolant level is okay or the light persists, I suggest taking your vehicle to a certified mechanic or a Honda dealership to get it checked out. Continuing to drive with this warning light could result in serious damage to your engine.

      Please note that it's always a good idea to refer to your vehicle's owner's manual for the most accurate information related to warning lights and symbols. If you don't have the manual, you can often find it online or contact your local Honda dealership for assistance.


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