Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

Honda Passport dashboard warning lights give the driver information about the vehicle. Warning lights are essential. Especially in Honda vehicles, intervening quickly prevents more serious problems from occurring.

A series of lights on the dashboard can let you know what is happening in your vehicle. Some warning lights protect you for safety, while others provide maintenance information. These problems vary according to the type and color of the warning light. On this page, we will give you information about Honda Passport dashboard warning lights and how to solve the problems experienced by Honda Passport vehicle owners.

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Honda is a vehicle manufacturing company founded in 1948. Originating from Japan, the company has brought many innovative models to the present day. Honda has become one of the companies that grow increasingly every year by satisfying its users and keeping up with technology. Now we will discuss the Passport model, produced in 1995 and continues to be produced today.

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Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

You should pay attention to the red-colored warning lights on the Honda Passport dashboard warning lights page. These warning lights are essential and indicate to the driver that the problem must be fixed immediately. Yellow and orange warning lights are also severe, but in some cases, they can allow you to continue driving.

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Sometimes they may only be on for control purposes. Blue and green lights can indicate non-serious problems to the driver. Reviewing our list below in this order, you can travel more consciously as a Honda vehicle owner.

Honda Passport brake usa and canada warning lights

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Brake System Malfunction

This warning light is shown to the driver on the dashboard display when a brake system malfunctions. Check the parking brake. If you have released your parking brake, it indicates a malfunction in the vehicle's general brake system. Seek help from an authorized service center to correct this problem. Your brakes may fail in the event of an accident.

Honda Passport oil change warning lights

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Low Oil Pressure

This warning light comes on when the vehicle's oil pressure is low. First, open the bonnet and measure the vehicle's oil level by removing the dipstick. If there is any deficiency in the vehicle's oil, top up with the correct oil. If the problem is not solved, there may be a leak at some point, or the engine may not have enough fat. Consult an authorized service center, and do not continue driving the vehicle in this condition. It is a problem that should be fixed quickly to avoid more severe issues.


Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Battery Charging

Indicates that the engine cannot charge the battery sufficiently. Pull over immediately and turn off all equipment in the vehicle that consumes electricity. If you start the car for the first time, it is normal for this light to come on for 3 to 5 seconds and then go out. However, if it comes on while driving, do not continue operating and contact an authorized service center.

Honda Passport Air Bag Warning Light

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Airbag

This warning light indicates a problem with one or more of the vehicle's airbags. In the event of an accident, the airbags in the car will not operate, which poses a danger. It would help if you did not continue driving while this warning light was on.

Honda Passport Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: General Engine Malfunction

A general malfunction has been detected in any engine component of the vehicle. A computer can only see this unidentified fault warning light. Take the car to an authorized service center and ask for a detailed problem examination. Experts will check your vehicle in a computer environment to fix and repair the malfunction. Sometimes a minor problem causes this warning light to come on.

Honda Passport keyless warning lights

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Keyless Entry and Start

It means a problem with the vehicle's key sensing system. Sometimes this problem can even be a straightforward battery warning. First of all, check the batteries of the remote control or key. If the storm does not cause the problem, seek help from an authorized service center. There is a problem with your vehicle's keyless entry and start system sensors.

Honda Passport ABS Warning Light

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: ABS Brake System

Today's technology uses The ABS brake system in almost every vehicle. However, when the ABS light comes on, it indicates a problem with your vehicle's braking system. After this light comes on, the car activates the conventional braking system, which is unsafe. In an accident, your vehicle will not stop as you want, and you may experience more severe problems.

Honda Passport Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) Warning Light

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Tire Pressure

Check the recommended settings provided by the factory. Check all your vehicle tires and ensure or complete the tire pressures. If the warning light does not go out when you bring the tire pressure to the specified pressure values, save the new pressure settings via the multimedia in the vehicle. If you get the tire pressure warning again, check your tires; they may be flat.

Honda Passport High Temperature warning lights

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: High Temperature

You will see this warning light if your vehicle has been exposed to too much heat. Pull over immediately and allow the car to cool down for about 30 minutes. If this warning light is still on when you try again, do not continue driving and seek help from an authorized service center.

Honda Passport Low Temperature warning lights

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Low Temperature

Most vehicles do not have a low-temperature warning. Instead, the icing warning symbol is used, which is not sufficient. The icing symbol is usually activated below 3 degrees. However, the Passport model of the Honda vehicle has this warning light. You will see this light when your car is exposed to a cold environment below normal operating conditions. Do not attempt to start the vehicle in this environment. You may cause the engine blocks to crack and cause more damage.

Honda Passport Daytime Running Lights warning lights

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Daytime Running Lights

The DRL warning light is not a warning but informational sunshine. It reminds the driver that the daytime running lights are activated. However, the bulbs may be blown if the light flashes and does not come on even though you turn on your daytime running lights. They should be checked and replaced or repaired.

Honda Passport ESC Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: ESC Stability Assist

The ESC system is the system that allows a vehicle to hold onto the road. When the ESC system is not activated, serious problems arise when turning corners. The ESC light may illuminate in 3-5 seconds when one or more wheels turn neutral during sudden take-offs. This error indicates the vehicle moves with the ESC system to hold onto the road. However, if the light stays on for a long time, it identifies a malfunction in the system, and it is not safe to continue driving this way.

Honda Passport power steering failture warning lights

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Power Steering

When the power steering light comes on, it indicates a malfunction in the power steering system. Your vehicle has a hydraulic structure, and the steering hardens in turns. Vehicle use, which is more difficult to control, may have undesirable consequences. Therefore, it is a critical problem and needs to be fixed.

Honda Passport Immobilizer Problem warning lights

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Immobilizer

It means that the vehicle's Immobilizer system has malfunctioned. You see this warning light because of a mismatch between the key and slot. You may not start the car because the Immobilizer is not activated. In such cases, check the key battery. If the problem persists, seek support from an authorized service center. There may be a malfunction in the Immobilizer sensors.

Honda Passport Lane Departure Warning Light RED

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Lane-Keeping System

It is activated when you turn on the vehicle's lane-keeping system. However, this warning sign may give an audible warning in some cases. This error indicates that the car has left the lane and cannot follow the road. Take control of the vehicle and contact an authorized service center.

Honda Passport FCW Forward Collision Warning Lights

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Collision Mitigation

If there is a sensor in the front bumper area of the vehicle, the collision mitigation system is activated at low speeds. This feature prevents you from hitting any vehicle, pedestrian, or object. However, if there is an exclamation mark next to it, a problem has occurred in the collision mitigation system. It should be checked and repaired as soon as possible for safer driving.

Honda Passport Cruise Control Indicator Light

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights: Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control stops or accelerates according to the speed of the vehicle in front while you are driving. This system is handy for long journeys. The light reminds you that the system is activated when the light comes on. In addition, thanks to this system, your vehicle can scan the radars around you and continue driving according to the road rules.

Honda Passport Dashboard Warning Lights Problems

We have shared the details about the Honda Passport dashboard warning lights problems with you. You can use your vehicle longer by fixing these problems. If you cannot fix the problem, you can get support by commenting on this page. Together with our other users, we will support you in solving the issues you are experiencing in your vehicle.

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FAQs About Honda Passport

Is Honda Passport bigger than CR V?

The Passport has more interior space than any of CR-V's 2008-present models. The EX-L and TrailSport trims offer 100.8 cubic feet of storage space for your belongings, whereas the most spacious CR-V models only provide 75.8 cubic feet. This difference can be quite pronounced if you occasionally have other passengers or luggage to take with you.

What is the point of the Honda Passport?

The Honda Passport comes with Honda's suite of safety and driver-assistance tech, including forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring.

Is a Honda Passport bigger than a Honda Pilot?

The Pilot is larger than the Passport and offers eight seats. The Passport only offers five seats but compensates with 100.8 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the first row and 114.9 cubic feet of total passenger volume.

Does Honda Passport have problems?

Reports have surfaced from Honda Passport owners of electrical system malfunctions, including power windows, door locks, and infotainment system difficulties. These issues are said to range from momentary disruption to total breakdowns.

Are Honda Passports reliable?

The 2019 Passport received high marks from an automotive publication for its reliability, comfort, and versatility. During a 14-month testing period, the vehicle sustained no unexpected breakdowns, and all technical issues were addressed with no delays. Recalls were also promptly handled by the manufacturer.

Why is Honda Passport not popular?

The Honda Passport is a popular sport utility vehicle choice for many customers. However, as with other vehicles of its make and model, it can experience specific issues. Common complaints involve suspension and brake trouble related to the first-generation models. Despite these potential concerns, the Passport remains an incredibly reliable SUV option.

Are they discontinuing the Honda Passport?

The latest Honda order guide data has revealed that the front-wheel drive Passport has been discontinued, resulting in an increase of over $2,700 to its base price. The AWD EX-L thus becomes the most affordable trim available for this model at an MSRP of $42,395 after a $1,295 destination charge.

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