Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

This list explains the Honda Fit dashboard warning lights and their meanings. You can view the warning light on your vehicle and find out what the malfunction means. Honda Fit is a car that started being produced in 2001. Until 2020, it was admired and used by many people. Honda Fit has many users today and is in the small car class.

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Honda Fit is known as a supermini in the United Kingdom, a light car in Australia, and a compact car in the United States. Marketed worldwide, the car's 2013 sales figures are close to 5 million. The Honda Fit Hybrid model was launched in Japan and Europe in 2010.

Since it had a class production until 2012, a fully electric model called Honda Fit EV was offered for sale after 2012. This model is considered a compliant car in the United States and Japan if you can review Honda Dashboard warning lights, if you want.

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Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights Color Designation

Before we explain the Honda Fit dashboard warning lights, we want you to know some basic color descriptions. If the color of the warning sign on your vehicle is red, yellow, or orange, this indicates a severe problem.

However, if it is green or blue, this shows that the problem is not severe. However, this may differ for some warning signs. Find the problem with your vehicle from the list below and read the detailed description. We can tell more detail about Honda fit dashboard warning lights.

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Honda Fit Brake Warning Light

Honda Fit Brake System Malfunction Warning Light

Brake system failure is a significant warning sign. In some regions, it represents the parking brake, while in the United States, it indicates a general brake failure. There may be a malfunction in mechanical systems, especially the hydraulic system in your brakes. You should have this situation checked.

Honda Fit Engine Oil Pressure Light

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: Low Oil Pressure Warning Light

Open the hood and check the oil level by pulling the dipstick. If there is a decrease, top it up. However, the most crucial point to be considered here is to know which oil to put in. If you put the wrong oil, you may cause more severe problems.

Honda Fit Battery Charge Warning Light

Honda Fit Battery/Charging Warning Light

The engine charges the battery in your vehicle. If the battery/charging warning light is on, the system has a general problem. Pull the car over and disconnect all equipment that consumes electricity. It is not recommended to continue driving until the problem is fixed. You can get help from an authorized service center.

Honda Fit Air Bag Warning Light

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: Airbag Warning Light

This means that one or more of the airbags in your vehicle has a problem. Continuing to drive in this situation poses serious risks. In the event of an accident, your airbags will not deploy. An authorized service center should check and repair them as soon as possible.

Honda Fit Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

Honda Fit General Engine Failure Warning Light

The available engine fault warning light will come on if your vehicle has a general engine fault. This light represents an unidentified fault. Your vehicle has been found to have a responsibility not defined by the manufacturer. It must be checked in a computerized environment; the defect must be identified and repaired. We recommend repairing this fault at authorized service centers to avoid more severe problems.

Honda Fit keyless warning lights

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: Key Failure Warning Light

The key warning sign will illuminate if there is no connection between your vehicle and the key. This sign can be a simple problem, but it can also be an essential problem. First, check the batteries in your key. If there is no problem with the batteries, you can get support from an experienced mechanic. There may be a malfunction in the sensors.

Honda Fit ABS Warning Light

Honda Fit ABS Brake System Warning Light

The ABS warning sign illuminates if there is a problem with your vehicle's ABS braking system. New-generation vehicles use the conventional ABS braking system and are safe. However, your vehicle switches to the traditional brake system after this warning light. Since this is not safe, it is not recommended to continue driving.

Honda Fit Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) Warning Light

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: Tire Pressure Warning Light

You should check your vehicle's tire pressures at regular intervals. Tire pressures may vary in cold or hot weather. To fix the problem in your car, adjust your tires to the pressure settings recommended by the manufacturer.

Honda Fit High Temperature warning lights

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: High-Temperature Warning Light

The high-temperature warning light comes on to indicate that your vehicle is overheating. You should usually pull over for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour and allow the car to cool down.

Honda Fit Low Temperature warning lights

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: Low-Temperature Warning Light

The low-temperature warning light indicates that your vehicle's operating environment is unsuitable. As a result of this light, you should not start your vehicle and seek help from an authorized service center.

Honda Fit Daytime Running Lights warning lights

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: Daytime Running Lights Warning Light

The DRL warning sign indicates that the daytime running lights are working. However, if this light flashes rapidly, there is a problem with the daytime running lights.

Honda Fit ESC Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

Honda Fit ESC Electronic Stability Control System Warning Light

The ESC system in your vehicle makes it easier to hold on to the road in bends and turns. However, if the ESC warning sign lights up on the dashboard, there is a problem with the system. Since this situation is unsafe, continuing driving with ESC malfunction is not recommended.

Honda Fit power steering failture warning lights

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: Power Steering Warning Light

Your vehicle has a power steering system. You can understand that there is a problem with the power steering system in your car when the power steering warning sign lights up on the dashboard. You should get support from a trained mechanic to fix the problem.

Honda Fit lkas Lane Keep Assist Warning light

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: Lane Keeping Assist Warning Light

If your vehicle has a lane keep assist feature, it is identified as "LKAS." This is not an error but a warning sign to inform you. It lets you know that the vehicle is interfering with the steering to keep your car in the lane.

Honda Fit FCW Forward Collision Warning Lights

Honda Fit Collision Mitigation Warning Light

The collision mitigation warning sign illuminates to indicate that the collision sensor at the front of the vehicle is activated. If there is an exclamation point "!" next to this sign, this system has a problem. You should seek the assistance of an experienced mechanic as soon as possible to rectify the situation. This warning sign does not prevent driving, but you should fix the problem to drive more safely.

Honda Fit Blind Spot Indicator Light

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: Blind Spot Warning Light

There are blind spot warning sensors outside the vehicle to remind you where you cannot see from inside the car. The illumination of this warning sign is to let you know that you are approaching an obstacle. This is not an error but a warning sign in the vehicle's features.

Honda Fit Cruise Control Indicator Light

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights: Adaptive Cruise Control Warning Light

This warning sign is not an error; it is a warning sign that informs you. It tells you that your vehicle is driving safely by keeping its distance from the car in front and that the adaptive cruise control system is activated. However, if you see a sign with an exclamation mark "!" next to this sign, then you can understand that there is a malfunction in the system.

Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights Problems

We have explained all the symbols you need to know about Honda Fit dashboard warning lights. If any symbol is not included in this list, please let us know by commenting. We strive to create a complete list by researching for you. You can get support from us again on a subject that you cannot do to troubleshoot problems in your vehicle.

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FAQs About Honda Fit Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

Is a Honda Fit a good car?

The Honda Fit had a rating of average reliability of 4.5 stars out of five, making it one of the top-ranked subcompact cars over time.

Why did they get rid of the Honda Fit?

Hyundai will not sell the model in the North American market because the HR-V is ramping up production to compensate for Fit's discontinuation.

Can you buy the Honda Fit in the UK?

Find your next car on Auto Trader, the UK automotive website. We have the best selection of Honda Fits available for sale so you can buy confidently.

What do the lights on my dashboard mean, Honda?

Red warning lights on a vehicle indicate a severe problem that needs to be addressed without delay. Yellow warning lights suggest caution and that having the issue inspected as soon as possible is wise. Green warning lights generally do not signify an immediate concern, allowing normal driving operations to continue.

What do different dashboard warning lights mean?

Warning lights are an essential part of a vehicle, providing valuable information about the status of its components. They come in three distinct categories: red, amber, and green. Red warning lights indicate that action needs to be taken immediately, and the car should be stopped as soon as it is safe. Amber warning lights signify that some action is required; caution should be observed when responding to this type of light. Green warning lights are only for informational purposes and require no specific response from the driver.

What is the key warning light on a Honda Fit?

The system cannot recognize the key fob's information when the immobilizer indicator turns green. A certified Honda service center should promptly address this to prevent any further issues arising from this issue.

When should I worry about dashboard lights?

When a red dashboard light is illuminated, taking immediate action is essential. Pulling over and addressing the problem promptly is vital in minimizing potential damage to the vehicle or its occupants. If attention from an automotive professional is required, do not attempt to drive anywhere to seek help; instead, call for assistance.

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