Wheel Bearing Brands To Avoid

Research has been conducted to identify some of the worst wheel-bearing brands to avoid. Poor wheel bearings can cause dangerous accidents and disrupt the smooth rotation of the wheels. It is essential for vehicle safety and quality functioning to choose suitable, reliable wheel bearings instead of bad ones. This article provides insight into which brands should be avoided when purchasing wheel bearings, helping readers make informed decisions and avoiding potential losses from a bad investment.

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Do Wheel Bearing Brands Matter?

Indeed, a well-known brand of the bearing may not be necessary, yet it has been observed that the unnamed approaches tend to bend easily or make popping noises at higher speeds. While some believe the installation is more important than the actual brand, certain brands and models are designed specifically for specific cars, such as OEM bearings for Volkswagen and FAG for Audi.

Which Wheel Bearing Brands To Avoid?

Which Wheel Bearing Brands To Avoid
Which Wheel Bearing Brands To Avoid

Be wary of manufacturers that offer low-cost bearings, as they can indicate a lack of quality production. Additionally, many of these are fake bearings. Some of the more common poor-quality bearing brands include...

  1. Timken: This brand has been acclaimed as one of the best in its field; however, some products do not meet expectations. In particular, the Timken HA590036 has been reported to have a heating issue that can lead to problems with the ABS sensor. As such, it is sad to see this brand rated so highly by various websites when it produces items below par.
  2. Rolltec: Bearing degradation is a common issue in products created by Chinese inventors, as the quality of their components is often compromised. Originally founded in Sweden, this brand has been known to have warranty problems due to its rapidly deteriorating bearings at low mileage, resulting in increased costs for replacements and creating an inconvenient experience for consumers.
  3. MOOG: This organization has a well-deserved reputation for supplying wheel bearings worldwide. However, some of their paths have been known to disappoint in terms of performance and durability; the MOOG 513179 and MOOG 512518 are examples. It is recommended that customers read reviews before buying these particular products, as they may not be suitable for use in high-temperature settings or generally last longer than five months.
  4. Dorman: MOOG has been producing wheel bearings for a century, and their Dorman 950-001 model is, unfortunately, a significant mistake. Its construction quality is below average, typically lasting no longer than eight months before it begins to malfunction.
  5. WJB: The USA-made product has an inferior quality that can be seen when spinning the wheel, causing clanking noises when changing direction or pace. Furthermore, its rare-wheel hub-bearing assemblies are of meager value, and the WJB WA512326 model is no exception. Unfortunately, these poor qualities come at a high price.
  6. EGT: This company produces automobile components for buses, trucks, and other vehicles. Reports indicate that the build of their bearings ranges from thin to thick, with a large percentage failing quality control checks due to faulty construction.
  7. GSP: This brand produces wheel bearings of low quality made in China. These products are relatively inexpensive but do not provide long-lasting performance.
  8. Detroit Axle: These tires are cost-effective but not suited for long-term use; they can be expected to fail within four months. While these tires may be compatible with various vehicles, their low quality and durability render them unreliable in the long run.

Best Alternatives To The Avoidable Wheel Bearing Brands

Rather than the brands mentioned above, here are some better options:

  1. Good Quality, Good Price Brands: These brands are known for their reliability and ability to perform in high temperatures. Their products have been designed with durability, ensuring a long life on the job. Furthermore, they do not wear quickly and resist damage caused by friction. As such, customers can be sure of optimal performance from FAG, NTN, SKF, NSK, SNR, RUVILLE, BTA and other similar brands.
  2. AM Autoparts: Offering reasonable prices, these auto accessories are both safe and reliable, with a 10-year warranty provided. Allowing customers to have peace of mind with their purchase, they provide excellent value for the cost.
  3. MAC Auto Parts: The company in question offers a range of automotive parts with ball bearings. Such items come at an attractive discount and are known for their excellent quality and quick installation. Customers can rest assured that the products will be reliable and trustworthy.

PEX, OE VW, and Optimal are all well-regarded brands in the automotive industry. FAG wheel bearings are manufactured with the same materials as original equipment (OE) parts. Furthermore, Optimals are particularly compatible with MKIVs.

Which One is the Best?

FAG is renowned for its suitable industrial bearings, superior performance, and increased longevity. With an impressive capacity to go up to 50K kilometers without any problems, their products outshine many competitors in the market. For those looking for top-tier quality, FAG's Timken bearings provide a remarkably resilient solution that can last up to 1,000,000kms with no difficulty whatsoever.

Are Chinese Wheel Bearings Any Good?

It is no secret that Chinese wheel bearings have been a cause of much frustration and discussion among online bloggers. Due to their availability in the market at low prices, many individuals find themselves opting for these fakes despite the known risk of poor quality they bring. If you want to purchase a bearing, be aware that FHRC KOR markings should be avoided as they are typically made with cheap metal, which may break after only a few miles of usage. Also, brands such as ABS, AIC, EGT, GSP, Rolltec, and Vaico Febi Bilstein Topran should be avoided.

When Should You Change The Wheel Bearings?

Regular quality wheel bearings typically must be changed between 25,000 and 30,000 miles. Sealed wheel bearings and hub assemblies generally last longer, however, with an average changing interval of 85,000 to 100,000 miles.

Final Words

Searching for the right brand can be complex, but it does not have to be. With the current market having more bad brands than good ones, it is easier to find and pick from the few available quality brands. Researching search engines will bring up models with higher ratings, so researching thoroughly helps find the best brand. When choosing which brand to go with, compromising quality should never be an option.

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