Acura SRS Warning Light - Supplemental Restraint System

Have you ever seen the SRS warning light on your Acura car dashboard and wondered about its meaning?

This light indicates the status of your car's Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), commonly known as the airbag system. It's a sophisticated computer-operated system that activates driver, passenger, and side airbags during a collision. Additionally, it tightens seat belts to safeguard occupants from harm.

Unlike active restraints like seat belts, which require manual engagement, the SRS system is passive. It automatically activates when certain conditions like speed and deceleration thresholds are met without any action needed from occupants.

Understanding the Acura SRS Warning Light

An overview of the Acura SRS system and its warning light.
An overview of the Acura SRS system and its warning light.

When you start your car, the SRS light typically shines for 1 to 5 seconds as the system performs a self-check. A light that turns off signals a ready system. However, if the light remains on, it indicates a fault, disabling the system. In such a case, airbags won't deploy, and seat belts won't tighten in a collision, reducing their protective capabilities.

Responding to the Acura SRS Warning Light

Inspecting your vehicle at a qualified repair shop is crucial if the SRS light remains on post-self-check. Checking for manufacturer recalls is advisable, as some airbag system issues might be covered. Addressing this promptly is vital for ensuring safety in an accident.

Lesser-Known Facts about the SRS System

The SRS system houses a "black box" similar to airplane ones. It records accident data like speed, G-forces, seat belt usage, and how long the system was disabled. Suppose your insurance finds the system was faulty for a significant period. In that case, they might not cover injuries, especially if a functioning airbag could have prevented them.

Importance of the SRS Light

If the SRS light blinks or stays on, it's a serious warning. It indicates a fault, suggesting the car's safety features are compromised. This increases the risk for you and your passengers.

How the Acura SRS System Functions

The SRS system uses data from sensors like motion, vehicle speed, and seat belt engagement to make real-time decisions. When criteria are met, such as a certain vehicle speed and abrupt deceleration, it determines which airbags to deploy and which seat belts to tighten. The aim is to prevent occupants from severe impacts against hard surfaces inside the car.

Advancements in SRS Technology

Modern SRS systems have enhanced safety features. They include mechanisms to recline front seats, positioning occupants to absorb collision impact better, and reducing neck or spinal injuries. Newer vehicles also incorporate side airbags and SRS curtains to protect against impacts and shattered glass.

What Causes the SRS Warning Light to Come On?

Common reasons why the Acura SRS warning light activates.
Common reasons why the Acura SRS warning light activates.

Several factors can trigger the SRS light on your dashboard. Diagnosing issues with the SRS or airbag system typically involves using a diagnostic scan tool.

Here are the most common reasons for the SRS light activation:

Seat Belt Latch Failure

Sensors in the SRS system monitor seat belt fastening. If foreign objects interfere with the buckle, the connection may be disrupted. Clean the buckle or use compressed air to remove debris to address this.

Faulty Passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor

This sensor detects if someone is seated in the front passenger seat and their weight. If it malfunctions, it can activate the SRS light, as the system may not properly prepare the passenger airbag.


Water damage can cause corrosion within the SRS system components, impacting functionality and triggering the warning light. Inspecting and replacing corroded components is essential.

Bad Clockspring

The clockspring connects with the SRS computer in the steering wheel. Wear and tear can lead to failure, potentially preventing the driver's side airbag from deploying in an accident and triggering the SRS light.

Depleted SRS Computer Battery Backup

The SRS computer relies on a backup battery to retain data. If this battery is low or dead, it can cause the SRS light to activate. Replacing the battery is necessary in this case.

Previous Accident

If your vehicle was in a collision and the airbags didn't deploy, the system might still be triggered. This requires resetting the computer to turn off the SRS light.

Faulty SRS Computer

Like any electrical component, the SRS computer can fail due to heat, vibration, age, or water damage. If it is faulty, replacement is the only solution.

How to Reset Acura SRS Warning Light?

Steps to reset the SRS warning light in an Acura vehicle.
Steps to reset the SRS warning light in an Acura vehicle.

It's important to address the underlying issue before turning off the SRS light, as this doesn't solve the problem but only stops the alert. After fixing the initial problem, you can reset the SRS light with an OBDII scanner capable of reading and erasing SRS codes. Not all scanners have this feature, so ensure the one you use is equipped for this task.

Can You Drive with the Acura SRS Warning Light On?

Implications of driving an Acura with the SRS light on.
Implications of driving an Acura with the SRS light on.

Driving with the SRS light illuminated is not advisable. While your vehicle can still operate, the airbag system may not function correctly in the event of an accident. It's important to address this issue as soon as possible.

Seeking immediate service to diagnose the problem is recommended. If you can access a code scanner, you can identify the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) yourself.

Moreover, driving with an active SRS light could complicate matters with your insurance company. In an accident, if the vehicle's black box recorder indicates the SRS system was compromised, this could impact insurance claims and potentially leave you responsible for damages.

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