Acura Integra Dashboard Warning Lights, Symbols and Meanings

Those who felt the reimagined Acura Integra lacked a sporty edge—will be delighted to discover that a more robust 320-hp Type S model will debut in 2024. Much like the baseline Integra borrows numerous elements from the Honda Civic, the Integra Type S mirrors the Civic Type R performance hatchback in various ways, notably its turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder powertrain, six-speed manual gear system and a distinctive limited-slip differential. Its design also exudes a bolder aesthetic.

Beyond the Type S, the primary Integra is a commendable upscale hatchback. While it may not rival the luxury of certain European competitors like the Audi A3 or the Mercedes-Benz CLA-class, its generous storage space lends a touch of utility, making it a compelling option for its price point.

Acura Integra Dashboard Warning Lights

Acura Integra Brake Warning Light

Acura Integra Brake Warning Light

When this sign or its Canadian counterpart is observed, one looks at the Brake Trouble Indicator symbol. While this could hint at a potential brake issue, the light might shine if the emergency or handbrake is activated.

Acura Integra EBD Warning Light

Acura Integra EBD Warning Light

Should the EBD light shine, it signals a complication within the brake system. It's imperative to halt driving at the earliest safe opportunity and address the problem. Notably, a brief illumination when the car starts isn't alarming unless the light remains on for longer durations.

Acura Integra Air Bag Warning Light

Acura Integra Airbag Warning Light

This illuminated sign suggests a detected anomaly within the system, possibly causing one or more airbags not to deploy during a collision. Although there's a chance all airbags might still function despite the warning, the risk of malfunction remains a profound safety issue.

Acura Integra Battery Charge Warning Light

Acura Integra Battery/Charging Warning Light

Representing either an EV (Electric Vehicle), Hybrid, or Plug-in Hybrid, these symbols pertain to Battery Charge and Warning. The initial light points towards a potential glitch in the primary battery of an electrified vehicle, necessitating prompt attention. One can differentiate it from the Charging System Warning by either spotting the word Main beneath the conventional battery image or an exclamation mark's presence.

Acura Integra Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

Acura Integra Seat Belt Warning Light

These symbols act as Seat Belt Reminders. They might appear centrally for the driver or off to the right for passengers. The depiction of two secured individuals highlights the unbuckling of a driver or a passenger. In essence, they're nudging you to buckle up.

Acura Integra Oil Temprature Warning Light

Acura Integra Oil Temperature Warning Light

Among the earliest warning lights, the leftmost sign, reminiscent of an archaic oil can or perhaps even Aladdin's lamp, signifies an Oil Warning regarding either level or pressure. A wavy line beneath the can more distinctly suggest a low oil level, whereas its absence indicates dwindling oil pressure.

Acura Integra Low oil pressure warning lights

Acura Integra Low Oil Pressure Warning Light

What does an illuminated oil light signify? Such a warning typically alludes to diminished oil pressure in your vehicle. This could result from multiple causes: perhaps the oil level is deficient, the oil might be impure, or there's an oil leakage.

Acura Integra ABS Warning Light

Acura Integra ABS Warning Light

Several scenarios might lead to this light's activation: a malfunctioning ABS module, depleted fluid reservoir, damaged wheel speed sensors, or the system being deactivated. Interestingly, the ABS shares vital components with another vehicular system: the traction control system.

Acura Integra Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemTPMS Warning Light

Acura Integra Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light

This symbol represents either the TPMS or TPM. The light activates when a tire's inflation drops by roughly 25% or more, typically equating to a decline of about eight pounds. Arguably, this remains one of the most perplexing symbols on a vehicle's dashboard.

Acura Integra ESC Electronic Stability Control Active Warning Light

Acura Integra VSA/ESC Warning Light

What does an ESC light's illumination convey? A brief appearance during driving suggests the system's operation due to detected traction loss. However, a persistently lit ESC light might indicate a sensor glitch or system fault.

Acura Integra Check Engine Warning Light

Acura Integra Check Engine Warning Light

These symbols belong to the notorious Check Engine Light family, some of the most ancient yet ubiquitously recognized. "Check" might be inside, beneath, or even omitted from the icon.

Acura Integra FCW Forward Collision Warning Lights

Acura Integra Forward Collision (FCW) Warning Light

These symbols are indicative of a Forward Alert. They may portray a lone vehicle or one encased within a triangle, the latter's reasoning known exclusively to the maker. This technology employs the Advanced Cruise Control radar, even when not activated, to alert against potential collisions.

Acura Integra Low Fuel Warning Light

Acura Integra Low Fuel Warning Light

These symbols pertain to Fuel or its low levels and can often be spotted alongside or within the fuel gauge. They light up when Fuel runs low, or in some cases, a smaller adjacent light might shine. The elliptical symbol exclusively illuminates when fuel levels are critical.

Acura Integra Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

Acura Integra Engine Coolant Temperature Light

Why would the engine coolant light activate? Several reasons could trigger it, but predominantly, it's due to either coolant loss or a sensor malfunction. Potential causes for coolant loss might include system leaks like a ruptured hose or radiator puncture.

Acura Integra power steering failture warning lights

Acura Integra Power Steering Fault Warning Light

This symbol, often accompanied by an exclamation mark, signifies a Power Steering or Electronic Power Steering alert. This warning highlights steering system issues. Depending on the manufacturer, the color could be red or yellow/amber.

Acura Integra Automatic Transmission Temperature Warning Light

Acura Integra Automatic Transmission Failure Warning Light

This light, synonymous with the gearbox warning light, indicates a transmission-related complication, possibly stemming from fluid level, temperature, or pressure anomalies.

Acura Integra air conditioning warning lights

Acura Integra Air Conditioning Warning Light

The phrase, signaling a malfunctioning air conditioning system, may be showcased on the dashboard.

Acura Integra at automatic transaxle warning lights

Acura Integra Automatic Transaxle (AT) Warning Light

This light, akin to the gearbox warning, indicates potential issues with the transmission, likely due to fluid level, temperature, or pressure variations.

Acura Integra fog lambs warning lights

Acura Integra Fog Lambs Warning Light

This symbol confirms the activation of the fog lights. In select vehicle models, manufacturers have integrated these lights, usually positioned lower than standard driving lights, to minimize light reflection back to the driver.

Pros & Cons of Acura Integra Vehicles


  • Precise control on the road
  • Convenient hatchback design
  • Impressive fuel efficiency


  • Interior strongly resembles a Civic
  • Lacks a choice for summer tires
  • Prominent road noise can be distracting

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