Ford Expedition Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

We explain Ford Expedition dashboard warning lights and their meanings in detail. Knowing the warning lights on this list will help you solve the problems in your vehicle. Ford Expedition is one of the cars that started production in 1997 and continues to be produced today. It is known as a full-size and three-row SUV.

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The Ford F-150 generation was used for the body and mechanical parts throughout production. In 2018, Ford Expedition vehicles, which started production in the fourth generation, have two different models, standard and extended. In North America, it was sold by a luxury car brand as a full-size SUV.

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Today, we would like to inform you about automobile warning signs with many users.
Before addressing the Ford Expedition dashboard warning signs, you should know that there are some color definitions. These colors will help you understand the serious problem when a malfunction occurs in the vehicle. Let's give more information by touching on the color definitions of Ford Expedition dashboard warning lights.

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Ford Expedition Dashboard Warning Lights Color Definitions

You should know that there are five primary colors in the Ford Expedition dashboard warning lights' color definitions. These are; red, yellow, orange, green, and blue. These color groups determine the severity of the problem respectively. If the color of the malfunction in your vehicle is red, yellow, or orange, you should know that this is a critical malfunction. Generally, driving is not continued in such faults, and the service center is contacted to avoid further costs.

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However, if you get an error with a green or blue color, this usually means a fault that can be fixed later. But in both cases, you should be aware that a fault needs to be resolved. Check out the Ford Expedition dashboard warning lights and their meanings in the list below. You can save this page and access it directly if you experience a vehicle malfunction.

Ford Expedition Transmission Temperature Warning Light

Ford Expedition Transmission Temperature Warning Light

If the transmission overheats, you will see the transmission temperature warning sign. This is a serious fault, and you should pull over immediately. If the problem does not improve after waiting for the transmission to cool down for a while, we recommend that you contact the service center.

Ford Expedition Battery Charge Warning Light

Ford Expedition Battery/Charging Warning Light

The engine charges your car battery. You can understand that this system has a problem when this malfunction occurs. You should call the Ford service station and ask for help. Usually, in this type of malfunction, battery replacement or repair of connection cables is performed.

Ford Expedition Brake Warning Light

Ford Expedition Brake Malfunction Warning Light

It tells you that there is a fault in the general brake system of your vehicle. You may be out of hydraulic oil, or there may be a problem with mechanical parts. You should get support from an experienced mechanic to detect these situations. It is not recommended to continue driving this way as it is unsafe.

Ford Expedition Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

Ford Expedition Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

A warning sign occurs if the driver or passenger is not wearing a seat belt. You should ensure that the seat belts are fastened, and you should not set off without wearing the seat belt.

Ford Expedition Air Bag Warning Light

Ford Expedition Airbag Warning Light

When there is a problem with your vehicle's airbag, you will see the airbag warning light come on. Usually, a problem has been detected in the airbag electrical system. We recommend that you seek the assistance of a trained mechanic to diagnose and repair the fault.

Ford Expedition Engine Oil Pressure Light

Ford Expedition Low Oil Pressure Warning Light

Open your vehicle's hood and check the oil level by pulling the dipstick. If there is a decrease, you need to top it up. However, if you do not know which oil to put in, you can get support from an experienced mechanic. If you put the wrong oil, you may cause the problem to grow.

Ford Expedition Door Open Warning Light

Ford Expedition Door Open Warning Light

It is a warning sign indicating which door is open in new vehicles. However, older model vehicles may only have one entry available, even if the warning sign indicates four open doors. Make sure the doors are closed correctly.

Ford Expedition Low Fuel Warning Light

Ford Expedition Low Fuel Warning Light

It is a warning sign that lights up when your vehicle is about to run out of fuel. You need to refuel. If you think you have recently refueled, contact the Ford service station to have the energy measuring sensor checked. This way, you can make more accurate fuel detection.

Ford Expedition Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

Ford Expedition General Engine Failure Warning Light

It is a warning sign informing you that an unidentified malfunction has occurred in the engine compartment of your vehicle. After this warning sign, you should ensure you regularly maintain the car. Contact the service center for identification and elimination of the engine fault.

Ford Expedition ABS Warning Light

Ford Expedition ABS Brake Malfunction Warning Light

Almost all new-generation vehicles use the ABS braking system. This system is implemented in all vehicles because it is safe. However, you can understand this system is not working when the ABS warning sign lights up. You should get support from an experienced mechanic to fix the problem.

Ford Expedition Turn Signal Indicator Light

Ford Expedition Turn Signal Indicator Warning Light

The warning sign informs you that your vehicle's turn signals are working. If this warning sign flashes rapidly, you can tell that the turn signals are not working. Usually, this warning light comes on because the bulbs are blown. You should check and change the bulb.

Ford Expedition Dashboard Warning Lights Problems

We have shared all the information you need about Ford Expedition dashboard warning lights and their meanings. You should pay attention to these warning signs to fix the problem you have been experiencing in your vehicle and using your vehicle for many years. If you cannot find the character of the malfunction related to the issue you are sharing here, please let us know by commenting. We will research and add the problem and solution for you.

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FAQs About Ford Expedition Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

What do the lights on my dashboard mean, Ford?

Green: everything is working correctly, or it is currently being used. Yellow: something isn't working - double-check and look into it as soon as possible. Red: a severe and dangerous problem has occurred - stop driving as soon as it is safe.

What are the symbols that light up on the dashboard?

Oil Pressure Warning Light
Tire Pressure Warning Light
Engine Temperature Warning Light
Traction Control Alert Light
Anti-lock Brake System Warning Light
Traction Control Malfunction Light
Engine Warning Light (Check Engine Light)
Battery Alert Light
Low Fuel Indicator Light
Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator Light
Seat Belt Reminder Light
Airbag Warning Light
Security Indicator Light
Fog Lamp Indicator Light
Washer Fluid Indicator Light
Brake Warning Light
Lane Departure Warning Light
Transmission Temperature Warning Light

What are the three main warning lights warning gauges in your car?

Oil Pressure Warning Light.
Temperature Warning Light.
Battery Low Warning Light.

Are Ford Expeditions worth it?

The 2023 Ford Expedition is an excellent choice for a large SUV. Its seating capacity of up to eight, spacious cargo room, and abundant features make this vehicle ideal for a comfortable yet reliable ride. Interior quality and ride comfort meet expectations, making the Expedition an excellent choice.

What is the best year to buy a Ford Expedition?

When considering a Ford Expedition, 2021 is the best year to buy. It has the highest reliability ratings, good safety ratings, as well as low cost of ownership. 2018-2019 models have excellent reliability scores, decent fuel economy, and low cost of maintenance and repairs. 2015-2017 models offer favorable reliability ratings with a low chance of expensive repairs and maintain good safety scores. It's advised to avoid buying 2001-2006 or 2007-2008 Expeditions due to their lower accuracy in technological advancements; 2011-2014 are also not ideal years for purchasing this vehicle model due to their higher chances for expensive repairs.

What is the longest Ford Expedition called?

The Ford Expedition offers consumers the choice of a standard or Max-length SUV, with the Timberline model available for those looking to take on off-road adventures. A full-size three-row vehicle provides ample room and capability, making it an ideal option for drivers needing to transport passengers and cargo in a reliable and robust package.

Is a Ford Expedition a luxury car?

The Expedition has made its way onto the list of vehicles that offer a luxurious experience, despite not being classified as a luxury vehicle. This is an impressive accomplishment and speaks volumes to the quality and craftsmanship behind it.

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