Scion TC Years To Avoid - 5 Worst Years

The Scion TC emerges as a compact two-door vehicle, exuding an unmistakable sporty aura. From 2004 until 2016, Toyota took charge of crafting two distinct iterations of the Scion TC. Notably, the first rendition of this TC graced American roads in 2005, while its sequel made its Canadian debut as a 2010 model year offering. The moniker "Touring Coupe" aptly befits Scion's most sought-after gem, the TC.

However, the tale of Scion TC isn't without its share of thorns. A slew of grievances has found their way into the spotlight, casting shadows on the TC's reputation. The early years, spanning from 2004 to 2010, proved particularly riddled with issues, painting a cautionary picture for prospective buyers. Among these, specific Scion TC years to avoid standing out for their notorious problems.

This article aims to illuminate why steering clear of select Scion TC years to avoid proves prudent and pinpoint the models that stand as beacons of reliability. To that end, read on.

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Scion TC Years To Avoid List

A compilation of Scion TC model years known for significant issues.
A compilation of Scion TC model years known for significant issues.

The Scion TC years to avoid that warrant a wide berth include:

  • 2006 Scion TC
  • 2007 Scion TC
  • 2008 Scion TC
  • 2010 Scion TC
  • 2011 Scion TC

The early Scion TC models, from 2004 to 2010, garnered notoriety due to their propensity for oil consumption issues. This is the most pervasive affliction plaguing the Scion TC, amassing 54 reports on RepairPal.

Owners lamented frequently discovering their vehicles thirsting for oil, often signaled by the ominous glow of the engine oil warning light.

Beyond this, many other woes have been documented, encompassing water pump seal failures, head gasket malfunctions, trunk mishaps, and disconcerting rattles across various models.

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Scion TC's Worst Year Ever

Among the annals of TC history, one year stands out as the pinnacle of misfortune—the infamous 2007 Scion TC.

The 2007 Scion TC reigns supreme in complaints, boasting an unenviable distinction. This year not only clinches the title for the most complaints overall but also ranks as the costliest in terms of repair expenses and the most frequently reported vehicle grappling with excessive oil consumption.

Identifying the Causes of Scion TC Problems

2006 Scion TC Common Problems

Overview of frequent problems encountered in the 2006 Scion TC.
Overview of frequent problems encountered in the 2006 Scion TC.

The 2006 Scion TC unearths its fair share of troubles, featuring an unsettling trend of excessive oil consumption, water pump failures, check engine light afflictions, and unwelcome sludge buildup within its engine.

Additional tribulations span the gamut, including interior accessory glitches, handle breakages, rear hatch calamities, and the discordant symphony of rattling from the rear. Notably, the 2006 TC has been subject to five recalls, as cataloged on several websites.

2007 Scion TC Common Problems

Description of common issues found in the 2007 Scion TC model.
Description of common issues found in the 2007 Scion TC model.

Chief among the grievances against this model lies the specter of excessive oil consumption, tallying around 45 complaints within the engine issues category on several websites.

Furthermore, interior accessories provoke concerns, encompassing trunk-related issues, paint adhesion failures, and side mirror paint peeling.

Transmission hiccups in the form of clutch problems and rough shifting experiences also mar the 2007 Scion TC.

2008 Scion TC Common Problems

A summary of typical problems specific to the 2008 Scion TC.
A summary of typical problems specific to the 2008 Scion TC.

2008 comes laden with its set of issues, marked by a preference for high oil consumption and overheating quandaries.

Customers also bemoaned a recurrent water pump dilemma afflicting the 2008 and 2006 model years. Tragically, some owners witnessed their engine's head gasket succumbing to overheating, necessitating intricate repairs.

2010 Scion TC Common Problems

Insights into prevalent issues in the 2010 Scion TC.
Insights into prevalent issues in the 2010 Scion TC.

While the 2010 model exhibits a relatively smoother ride than its predecessors, it's vital to acquaint oneself with its lingering drawbacks.

Reports of cabin rattles arising from road vibrations echo in the ears of several drivers, a consequence of the Scion TC years to avoid and their liberal employment of budget-friendly plastic components. Additionally, roof shuddering issues raise concerns, with numerous clients lamenting subpar air conditioner performance.

2011 Scion TC Common Problems

Information on the common malfunctions of the 2011 Scion TC.
Information on the common malfunctions of the 2011 Scion TC.

Troubles unfurled in hydraulic woes, leading to unexpected gear disengagements in the 2011 Scion TC when the clutch was disengaged. Subsequent complications materialize as the clutch pedal locks midway, culminating in the unfortunate demise of the clutch itself.

Transmission tribulations further manifest as shifting delays. On top of this, the sunroof joins the chorus of grievances, rattling ominously and exhibiting erratic behavior, rendering it unworthy of a pleasant drive.

As for 2013, while its troubles are less pronounced than the prior year, including reduced complaints about rattling noises, lock actuator motor failures, and water leaks, it still beckons a degree of caution.

Insurance also merits scrutiny, with Scions typically bearing higher insurance costs owing to their modest safety ratings. This quandary afflicts early models, but their later counterparts don't entirely escape its shadow.

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Which Scion TC Years Are Safe?

Identification of the Scion TC model years deemed most reliable.
Identification of the Scion TC model years deemed most reliable.

Amidst the sea of cautionary tales, rays of hope shine forth for those eyeing a Scion TC purchase.

The following years present themselves as reliable choices:

  • 2014 Scion TC
  • 2015 Scion TC
  • 2016 Scion TC

The 2016 Scion TC is the latest chapter in a lineage commencing with the 2011 model year. While earlier iterations, dating back to 2013 and before, may elicit trepidation due to their well-documented issues, venturing into the second generation promises significant improvements.

The 2014 model was transformed, embracing a facelift, suspension, gearbox enhancements, and a standard touchscreen. Paddle shifters became a common feature for automatic transmissions in 2015. The 2016 rendition ups the ante with a new 7-inch touchscreen and the convenience of a push-button start.

For those content to forgo the enhanced electronics introduced in the 2016 TC, the 2014 and 2015 models stand as equally dependable choices.

According to the Scion, TC incurs an expected 33 percent depreciation over five years, according to Resale value isn't a forte of Scion cars.

However, despite this notable decline in value, the Scion TC secures commendable ratings for dependability. RepairPal, for instance, gives it a score of 4 out of 5, indicating performance above the average benchmark.

Purchasing a used Scion proves prudent for first-time drivers and budget-conscious individuals, as echoed in various Reddit discussions where users extol their reliability, affordability, and fun quotient. The discontinuation of the Scion brand on February 3, 2016, doesn't dim their appeal.

In Conclusion

The Scion TC emerges as a solid investment characterized by commendable value and dependability. RepairPal's above-average rating of 4 out of 5 underscores its reliability. While a few years of its eleven-year legacy bear the scars of significant issues, the prevailing problem, excessive oil consumption, looms large.

Like many automobiles, Scion experiences its share of ups and downs, offering both years to avoid and safe havens. Operate the understandings in this article to navigate Scion TC years to avoid, saving time and money when embarking on a quest for an affordable Scion TC.

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