Acura MDX Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols

You can view Acura MDX dashboard warning lights and symbols on this page. We have shared the detailed list with you so that you can fix all the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. If you cannot find the issues with your car on this page, please use the comment section at the bottom.

Acura MDX is a vehicle model purchased from Honda in 2001 and started production. Acura MDX, which is still in production today, is a model that attracts the attention of its users. This Japanese-made vehicle is usually marketed in the USA, Japan, and Australia.

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Due to its SUV model, it is a very suitable car for large families. We will give you more information on this page for Acura MDX vehicles with a seating capacity of 7 to 8 people. We have noticed that people who use this vehicle have trouble with dashboard warning lights.

For this reason, we aim to solve users' problems by including this model's dashboard symbols in a single article to close the lack of information. First, we want to make a few warnings about the vehicle's dashboard panel.

Acura MDX Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols Color Description

Acura MDX dashboard warning lights color identification is very important. It gives you information about the serious malfunction that causes problems in your vehicle. Red warning lights inform you that the malfunction is serious and needs to be resolved urgently.

Yellow and orange warning lights also indicate serious faults that must be resolved immediately. However, blue and green are generally known as faults that can be fixed later depending on your conditions. Therefore, the conditions you are in will determine the severity level of the malfunction.

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Find the image of the malfunction you received in the list below and read its description. Here we have given you information about what you can do about the malfunction. We would like to remind you once again that the driving you will do with your vehicle without fixing these malfunctions is not safe.

Acura MDX Battery Charge Warning Light

Acura MDX Battery Charge Warning Light

This is the warning light illuminated by your vehicle's engine to indicate that the battery is not being charged. If this light comes on, you should immediately pull over and wait. First of all, stop the vehicle and try to restart it. If the light does not go out, turn off all components that consume electricity in your car and seek help from an experienced mechanic.

Acura MDX Engine Oil Pressure Light

Acura MDX Oil Pressure Check Warning Light

Open the bonnet and check the vehicle's oil level by pulling the dipstick. If the oil level in your car is below the specified values, you need to top up. However, you should know which oil to put in this case. If you put the wrong oil in your vehicle, you will cause more serious problems.

Acura MDX Air Bag Warning Light

Acura MDX Airbag Warning Light

You will see this warning light when one or more airbags in your vehicle have a problem. You should know that the airbags in your car will not deploy in the event of an accident. It is not safe to continue driving in this way.

Acura MDX Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

Acura MDX Seat Belt Reminder Warning Light

Check your vehicle's seat belts. If they are not fastened correctly, this warning light will also warn you with an audible warning. It is not safe to drive without wearing seat belts.

Acura MDX Brake Warning Light

Acura MDX Brake Malfunction Warning Light

If you see this warning light even though your vehicle's parking brake is down, you should know that the brake system is a general malfunction. This may be a hydraulic failure or a mechanical failure. Get help from a trained mechanic.

Acura MDX Door Open Warning Light

Acura MDX Door Open Warning Light

You may see a warning in older model vehicles that four doors are open. However, in new model vehicles, you will see this warning light indicating which door is open. Check your doors and make sure they are closed correctly.

Acura MDX Low Fuel Warning Light

Acura MDX Low Fuel Gauge Warning Light

You will see this warning light when your vehicle is low on fuel. The warning light will go off when you refuel.

Acura MDX ABS Warning Light

Acura MDX ABS Brake System Warning Light

New generation vehicles use the ABS braking system, which is safe. However, if you see the ABS warning sign, the car informs you that a malfunction has occurred in this system. After this stage, your vehicle will start using the conventional braking system. This system is not safe, and you should fix the problem immediately.

Acura MDX power steering failture warning lights

Acura MDX Power Steering Malfunction Warning Light

New generation vehicles use the power steering system. However, when the power steering warning light comes on, it indicates a malfunction in your vehicle's new-generation steering system. The steering becomes stiff and difficult to control.

Acura MDX General - Central Indicator Light

Acura MDX General System Malfunction Warning Light

You will see the general system fault sign if there is an unrecognized fault in any part of your vehicle. Minor or major problems can cause this type of fault. They must be computerized by an authorized service center to be correctly identified and repaired.

Acura MDX Tire Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) Warning Light

Acura MDX Tire Pressure Warning Light

You will see this warning light when your vehicle's tire pressures are below the required level. You need to top up your vehicle's tire pressures. Continuing to drive in this way makes it difficult to control the car.

Acura MDX Headlight On Indicator Light

Acura MDX Lights on indicator Warning Light

The warning light comes on to inform you that you have turned on the headlights of your vehicle. After this warning light, your vehicle's headlights should come on. Rapid flashing of the warning sign indicates a blown bulb.

Acura MDX Engine Check Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

Acura MDX General Engine Failure Warning Light

You will see the general engine fault warning sign when a malfunction occurs in your vehicle's engine components. This sign is usually the result of an unidentified fault. In this case, the problem with your car may be major or minor. You should have it checked and fix the problem.

Acura MDX Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

Acura MDX Temperature Gauge Warning Light

A warning sign comes on when your vehicle's engine warms up. Check the coolant. If there is any deficiency, you need to top it up. However, if the car has been running for a long time, wait at least 30 minutes to open the reservoir containing the coolant. Due to the pressure inside the pool, you may experience serious problems if you want to open and add it immediately. If you have not done this before, seek support from a trained mechanic.

Acura MDX Cruise Control Indicator Light

Acura MDX Cruise Control Warning Light

You will see the cruise control warning sign if your vehicle's cruise control system is activated. However, if there is an exclamation mark "!" next to this sign, you should know that your vehicle's cruise control system is malfunctioning.

Acura MDX Turn Signal Indicator Light

Acura MDX Turn Signal Indicator Warning Light

The warning sign appears on the dashboard when you turn on your vehicle's turn signals. However, if these signs blink rapidly, one or more of your signals are not working.

Acura MDX High Beam Indicator Light

Acura MDX High Beam Warning Light

This warning sign will appear on the screen when you turn on your vehicle's high beams. The bulbs are blown if your high beams do not work, even though this sign is on the dashboard.

Acura MDX Front Fog Indicator Light warning lights

Acura MDX Fog Light Indicator Warning Light

This is the warning sign on the screen when you turn on the vehicle's fog lights. If this sign flashes rapidly, the fog lights are not working.

Acura MDX Dashboard Warning Lights and Symbols Problems

We have explained the Acura MDX Dashboard warning lights and symbols in detail. If the malfunction you see in your vehicle is not one of them, please contact us using the comment field. Our other users and we will help you fix your vehicle's problem.

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How to Fix Acura MDX Dashboard Warning Lights Video Tutorial

If you want to solve Acura MDX dashboard warning lights problem, you can watch the video below.

FAQs About Acura MDX

What does MDX stand for in Acura?

MDX stands for Multi-Dimensional eXperience. It is Acura's flagship SUV that seats up to seven passengers. It is known for its luxurious interior, powerful engine, and advanced safety features.

How do I replace the screen on my Acura MDX?

If your Acura MDX's touchscreen is cracked or otherwise damaged, you'll need to replace the entire screen. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy process that you can do at home with just a few tools. Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials. You'll need a new touchscreen, a Phillips head screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, and a Torx head screwdriver. You may also need a putty knife or other sharp object to pry up the old touchscreen. To start, remove the screws from the bezel around the touchscreen. Then, use your putty knife or other sharp object to pry up the old touchscreen. Be careful not to damage the LCD beneath it. Once the old touchscreen is removed, disconnect the ribbon cable connecting it to the main board. Then, connect the ribbon cable of the new touchscreen and carefully lay it into place. Make sure all the connections are secure before replacing the bezel and screws. With your new touchscreen in place, power on your Acura MDX to test it out. If everything looks good, you're all done!

Does Acura MDX have head-up display?

Yes, the Acura MDX comes standard with a head-up display. This feature projects important information onto the windshield, so you can keep your eyes on the road while still being aware of your speed, navigation, and other critical data.

What is the major problem of Acura MDX?

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA), electrical system problems have been reported as one of the most common complaints they receive, in addition to brakes, suspension and forward collision avoidance issues. The NHTSA encourages consumers to be aware of potential car defects and report them if they experience any kind of issue with their vehicle.

Is an Acura MDX a reliable car?

The 2023 Acura MDX has an impressive predicted reliability score of 78 out of 100, which is considered Average according to J.D. Power's ratings system. Best scores range from 91-100, while Great scores run 81-90 and Fair or below average scores are 0-69. This puts the Acura MDX in a solid position to provide drivers with excellent dependability for years to come.

Is a Acura MDX a Honda?

The Acura MDX is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV that offers three-row seating and has been produced by Honda's luxury division, Acura, since 2000. This vehicle provides the perfect balance of luxurious amenities and reliable performance for drivers looking for an all-inclusive experience on the road. With its impressive list of features, including high safety ratings and a powerful drivetrain, the Acura MDX is an ideal choice for those seeking to travel in style and comfort.

Is the Acura MDX a luxury car?

The MDX is a worthy choice in the three-row luxury SUV segment, providing plenty of features at a competitive price. The standard 290-hp V6 engine works seamlessly with its 10-speed automatic transmission to offer satisfying performance and impressive fuel economy (20 mpg overall). For those looking for even more power, the Type S trim offers a smooth 355-hp 3.0L turbocharged V6.

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More important content about Acura

  1. We have a 2022 Acura MDX. A square box with a line through it has appeared in the dash display where the speed limit is usually displayed. Due to this the speed limit is not displayed. In addition the LKA is also off at that time. The box comes on and off as we’re driving along.
    What is wrong?

    • The square box with a line through it in the dash display of your 2022 Acura MDX is an indicator that the speed limit sign recognition system (SRS) is unavailable. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as:

      • The SRS camera is dirty or obstructed.
      • The SRS camera is misaligned.
      • The SRS software is not working properly.
      • There are no speed limit signs in the area.
      • The speed limit signs are not compatible with the SRS.

      If the SRS is unavailable, the LKA (lane keeping assist) system will also be disabled. This is because the SRS provides information to the LKA system about the current speed limit.

      To troubleshoot the issue, you can try the following:

      1. Clean or remove any obstructions from the SRS camera.
      2. Check the SRS camera alignment and make sure that it is pointed at the road.
      3. Update the SRS software to the latest version.
      4. Drive to an area where there are speed limit signs and see if the SRS becomes available.
      5. If the SRS is still unavailable, take your vehicle to an Acura dealer for further diagnosis and repair.

      Here are some additional tips:

      • If you are driving in a rural area or on a highway where there are no speed limit signs, you can set the speed limit manually in the vehicle settings. This will allow the LKA system to continue to function.
      • If the SRS becomes unavailable while you are driving, you should manually check the speed limit signs and adjust your speed accordingly.

      I hope this information is helpful.


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